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  3. F2P players, how many Legendary units do you have? June 2019 edition

User Info: DBean

1 month ago#31
8 now after adding Alm to the mix last month.

Fjorm, Ike +1, Gunnthra, Marth, Azura, Eirika +1, Hrid, and Alm.

User Info: Cobalnite

1 month ago#32
Water: Azura ❤ , Eirika, Lobster and Fjorm
Wind: Lucina, Gunnthra
Earth, Ike, Frima, Alm
Fire: Ephraim, Marth
So... 11
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User Info: Technickal1

1 month ago#33
Fjorm, Hrid, Ike and Lyn.
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User Info: Nothing-

1 month ago#34
I'm mostly F2P except I buy the orb pack every month for $9.99. I save 100-160 orbs every month for the legendary banner and spend predominately on them. I have all of those legendary units except for Roy and Lucina so I guess that's 14 total. A few of them are easily my favorite units in the game.

Last month I picked up Hrid and Eirika additions while sniping reds and blues.

User Info: Dunedainsith

1 month ago#35
Ike, Azura, Alm, Hrid, Gunnthra, Ephraim. Wait, is Fjorm a legendary too?
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User Info: Steamroll

1 month ago#36
Most of 2018 and only Roy this year so far.

On most rotations I'm fine because of the ones I collected last year but I am behind this year if we take mythics and legendaries both into account.

User Info: resdan

1 month ago#37
13, just missing L!Marth, L!Lucina and L!Ryoma
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User Info: Blue-Lemon-Z

1 month ago#38
Not counting free ones? 0

If counting free ones, I have 4: Ike, Fjorm, Gunnthra, and Leg Lyn from the anniversary.
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User Info: Mega_Gardevoir

1 month ago#39
1. Fjorm +1
2. Ike
3. Robin
4. Gunnthra +1
5. Tiki
6. Lyn
7. Ephraim
8. Ryoma
9. Hector

In that order. Haven't been able to get any of the newest ones.
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User Info: Renkencen

1 month ago#40
While I'm not f2p for the most part but I never spend money on the legendary banner.

Anyway so far I've gotten 8.
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