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User Info: KishinZephrite

4 weeks ago#31
Mordecai in Sekiro's world.

Might end up being a boss if corrupted.
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User Info: ZeroX2010

4 weeks ago#32
Not sure how well a pegasus knight like Clair would survive in Fallout 4’s Commonwealth. Maybe join the Brotherhood of Steel? She’d probably mistake anything that doesn’t resemble a normal human as Terrors, so she’d fit right in with the xenophobic pseudo knights. Plus they are the only faction that can take to the air.
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User Info: StellaLunaris

4 weeks ago#33
Groom!Pent in Binding of Isaac.

I mean, he's a mage so he should do fine... Though Louise may question 1. Why he has a fetus attached to his face 2. How he got blood and various body fluids all over his white tux, and 3. Why he's suddenly watching her with suspicion around the children.
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User Info: Deepest_Cut

4 weeks ago#34
Bunny Kagero in Destiny child. The real tap battle begins after she's summoned.
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User Info: Dalthine

4 weeks ago#35
Azama is in Katamari Forever.

He spends the whole time just watching and philosophizing, and would probably be very amused by the whole thing. Unlikely to even care if he winds up rolled into a star.

User Info: hyliangoron

4 weeks ago#36
Teklm posted...
The Mordecai who pity broke me stuck in Breath of the Wild?
He'd probably just find some wildlife and chill.

Right up till link trys to tame him lol
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User Info: TacticianDaniel

4 weeks ago#37
Lucina is now a Phantom Thief of Hearts.
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User Info: Legends Kuja

Legends Kuja
4 weeks ago#38
Myrrh is in Rabi Ribi


Myrrh gets stuck in some mildly faservice-y costume but learns BULLET HELL BREATH. She gets stuck there forever because everyone is both chill and likes to fight each other at the drop of a hat. Almost like the platformer version of Touhou.
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User Info: Haken

4 weeks ago#39
Groom!Pent in Vanquis(S***)
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User Info: super_felicia

4 weeks ago#40
3* felicia vs superdimension neptunia vs sega hard girls. She could handle it probably if she level grinded
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