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User Info: hyliangoron

4 weeks ago#1
That hero is stuck in the world of the game you last played until the game is beaten
(they appear there the day the game first starts and they have free will to do whatever they want )

Basically what do you think would happen?
They can be stuck there forever depending on what happens
Will they meet/help the hero/villain
Can they adapt to the world
Do they even live to the end of the game
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User Info: Limit_2

4 weeks ago#2
I thought of the -Atk 5* Merric I got in year 1.

I don't trust that useless f*** to escape an empty room with one open door, never mind accomplish anything in an Etrian Odyssey game.

User Info: 67chrome

4 weeks ago#3
I just thought of the 3* Nana I pulled.

Also the last game I played was Skyrim on my level 14 Altmir.
Nana might be there for a while.

Fortunately the power-level of everything is hobo-with-a-bottle tier in Skyrim though. Like, takes a 10 ft drop to KO the Dragon-born, so a horse-riding staff-unit at 3* should still do ok.
Also you can sprint faster than Skyrim horses, so Nana's 3 move to everyone else's 2 should come in handy.

User Info: ViewtifulGene

4 weeks ago#4
Sonya is in Dead Cells. She would probably hoard Tactics scrolls and go after the king.

User Info: HackedDragonite

4 weeks ago#5
Nowi is now in the world of Final Fantasy 7.
She would very likely help the heroes in their quest to save the Planet. She'd be pretty valuable too. Once she'd learn how to use Materia, she'd be set. If her Awakening stats are anything to go by, she'd be ridiculously resistant to damage just like everyone in the main party of FF7 is. I think she'd make it just fine.

User Info: madninja1

4 weeks ago#6
Celica in Kingdom Hearts? Yeah, I think she'll make it. She has a sword and her Ragnarok is basically Firaga, she would only need to find a way to cast her healing spells on herself to simulate the cure line of spells and she would be set, if not then I think she could always potion her way to victory. I imagine Seraphim would be particularly useful against Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed.
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User Info: Graywolf_d_45th

4 weeks ago#8
Alm in Warframe...
Well, I'm sure he can handle himself even without the powers of a Tenno, but he's f***ed cause that game's never gonna finish
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User Info: CrazyDiamondSP

4 weeks ago#9
Halloween Mia is stuck in FFXIV? Till when? Till I beat the base game? Or do the 3 following expansions count to? Either way I wouldnt mind her being stuck there forever <_< she could be my retainer or party with me as an NPC, we would have loads of adventures.
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User Info: Lief4Heroes

4 weeks ago#10
Duma in Torna: The Golden Country

Man's gonna destroy Torna before the Aegis can get to it
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