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  3. What fallen units do you want to see next?

User Info: CrescentShadow

4 weeks ago#11
personally I'd like to see 1-2 of the Deadlord versions of the Thracia characters
any of Sumeragi or Arete; maybe Slime Garon with Bolverk

since Corrin is kinda on the line of non-canon stuff, Berserk Ike from the card game would be neat, or Berserk Greil from when he touched the medallion. also Risen King Chrom just cause the design is awesome

Marla, Hestia, and Vigarde would fit as well; maybe that one paladin guy who betrays Ephraim.. Orsen?

StellaLunaris posted...
If we don't get Fomortiis!Lyon next time, I will s*** enough bricks to single-handedly solve my city's housing crisis.

He'll be a Mythic good lord, why do people keep thinking that THE LITERAL DEMON KING would be a normal banner unit?

At least one version of Grima got to be a limited, though I'm sure they're kicking themselves for not holding onto him for their new Mythics; though who knows maybe we'll get a Grima'd up version of the older body type Robins; have a full spectrum of Grimas for a team XD

Alligamer76 posted...
Myrrhs dad. Could be our first Draco zombie.

oh yes please, I dearly would like to see Morva in this
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User Info: CrescentShadow

4 weeks ago#12
Lil_Puddin posted...
We're running out of berserk/fallen/feral characters.

still a decent amount to pull from

Eremiya could maybe count
Marla and Hestia, maybe a witch version of Sonya as a what if

Raydrik, Galzus, Dagdar, Eyvel, and Sara as Dead Lords; maybe do some "what if" kinda scenarios of some of the Gen 1 Genealogy cast revived as the other 7

Morva, Vigarde, that one paladin dude who betrayed Ephraim, maybe that guy who was Joshua's teacher /shrug

Mad Ashnard, Greil, even Ike from Cipher; could what if a feral version of one of the Laguz

Risen King Chrom, hell could do a Risen version of any Awakening 1st gen since the weapon DLC implies in the bad timelines the parents get turned into Risen

Fates is still ripe: Sumeragi, Arete, Mikoto, Gunter, Scarlet, Slime Garon, probably a couple more I'm forgetting
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User Info: Blaze_the_cat

4 weeks ago#13

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User Info: RandomAc1206

4 weeks ago#14
Then my “alternative timeline” Fallen alt ideas:

Avaricious Merchant Anna (Red Bow Infantry)
An Anna whose lust for wealth has driven her mad. She will take down friend and foe alike in order to satiate her obsession for wealth. She has lost her penchant for cheeriness and positivity.

Weapon: Bow of Greed, 14MT, Spd+3. For every target the unit defeats on the map, gain Atk+2 as a bonus (up to +8).
Special: Luna
A Skill: Death Blow 3
B Skill: Chill Def 3

Endangered Heron Reyson (Red Tome Flier)
The last of his species whose grief and sorrow are so strong that they have destroyed his sense of balance and order. His seid magic is not only enhanced, but being used on the offensive. Highly volatile and driven mad.

Weapon: Sorrow, 14MT, Atk+3. For every ally that is defeated or not present on the map, gain Atk+2 during combat (up to +6). (It’s a dark magic spell.)
Assist: Sing
A Skill: Atk/Spd Solo 3
C Skill: Isolation Smoke 3

Dimmed Light Micaiah (G Tome Infantry)
Micaiah who has lost all hope after failing the nation of Daein. Solely blames herself for all the bloodshed and has spiraled into despair. Has been spared by the goddess but is forced to live with the pain.

Weapon: Light Void, 14MT, Res+3. Effective against armor and cavalry. Built-in Distant Def 3. (It’s supposed to be a void that swallows light, AKA lots of blue tome magic.)
Special: Iceberg
A Skill: Fortress Def/Res 3
B Skill: Quick Riposte 3

Shattered Hope Mist (Staff Cavalry)
Has seen her brother fall at the hands of the Black Knight before her very eyes. Sworn to and driven by an unhealthy vengeance. She has pushed others away and only focused on her mission.

Weapon: Pressure+, 11MT, effective against armored units and neutralizes their stat bonuses.
Assist: Rehabilitate+
Special: Shadowfire Burst+ (2 charge. Atk+6 to target and Atk-6 to all foes within two spaces when healing an ally.)
B Skill: Wrathful Staff 3
C Skill: Savage Blow 4 (Savage Blow 3 with a Poison Strike 3 combined, and can take effect like a Smoke skill in either phase)
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User Info: SugarFlakes

3 weeks ago#15
Berserk Ike
Risen King Chrom
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