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User Info: UnownGamer

1 month ago#1
Hey there.
Today I'll build Halloween Henry. He's pretty damn strong and my favorite Armor by far.

Build 1:

Gronnblooms (Def)
Close Counter
Vengeful Fighter/Special Fighter
Atk/Def Bond

Oh, would you look at that, a build that I stole from @Dysias6
I'd recommend using Special Fighter only at higher Merges as his Speed isn't quite high enough otherwise.

Build 2:

Green Egg (Atk)
Death Blow 4
Bold Fighter/Special Fighter
Armored Boots

Oh would you look at that, another stolen build, this time I stole it from myself though. Green Egg is used to maintain Armored Boots. Works quite well actually, even if it only heals 4 HP.
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User Info: ZedTommo

1 month ago#2

Creds to you 💕 best boy
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User Info: Bluezie

1 month ago#3
This is my H!Henry. EP oriented.
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User Info: Dysias6

1 month ago#4
Hey! Thanks for the shout out! A pic of my Henry needs to be included:

Owl is tome easier to get a hold of and allows for multiple boosts, but Gronnblooms is better if you consistently get only 1 ally boost. Whatever you pick, throw Ally Support on Henry so he gets an additional 2 points to all stats with just 1 ally. With this build, my Henry can easily get +9 Atk/Def and +4 Spd/Res with a dedicated adjacent unit, and that doesn't count outside support from drives, wards, tactics, etc.

This build gives Henry some pretty high defence, making him a great candidate for Close Counter. As a bonus, most melee units have poor Res, so he'll be hitting even reds pretty hard on EP.

Henry can run Vengeful, Special, and Bold Fighters well. SF lets Henry survive more with its Guard effect blocking specials, but VF and BF lets him play more aggressively, smash through units with Wary Fighter, and double units he normally can't while granting faster Specials. All work well, so it's a matter of preference and situation.

Armor March is a great excuse to keep an ally close. I run a blue armor to help get rid of annoying reds that can wall Henry.

Bond skills are amazing with owl tomes. Atk/Spd Bond can be used if you're okay with his defense but want more speed.

All in all Henry's a fantastic unit that is often overlooked, but with the right investment he can be an outright terror.

If you want more copies of him, start saving up orbs for his re-run banner in October!
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