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  3. Is legendary alm coming anytime soon?

User Info: cloz1984

4 weeks ago#1
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User Info: Lief4Heroes

4 weeks ago#3
Iirc he's scheduled to be back in July

He won't be back until then, outside of the very unlikely event he's on a normal banner
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User Info: AsterixKing

4 weeks ago#4
He'll be sharing said July banner with Eir, so colorless is looking good there. Just depends on what the third will be.
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User Info: SpaghettiCookie

4 weeks ago#5
July! That’s waaaaay sooner than legendary Chrom will be revealed
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User Info: Steamroll

4 weeks ago#6
I believe just before his brave version will come out.

So... I'm not sure if you'll wanna pull there but if you really need him, I suppose go for him. I wouldn't personally just because of that other Alm coming, but that Alm will probably be a different weapon type than the other 2.
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  3. Is legendary alm coming anytime soon?
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