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User Info: Eagle_hunter

1 week ago#1
Spend about 300+ish orbs and all I got are:

3x Fallen Tiki (2 of them merged into the neutral IV one)

1x Berkut (+HP/-Def)
1x Mereeta (-Hp/+Atk)

Pitybreakers :
Leif (Merged)
Knight Chrom (First one to get ~ -Atk/+HP)
EDIT: Loki (Foddered) pitybroken after spending the compensation orbs.

Not bad at all. Corrin will wait another time I suppose.

What's your haul so far?

F2P or Whalers are welcome to share.
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(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Derogator

1 week ago#2
4 tickets and 60 orbs got me a +1 +ATK F!Tiki. A good IV Tiki is all I wanted so I stopped.

User Info: madninja1

1 week ago#3
All my free pulls got me nothing but I got Berkut and Tiki in the same circle with 9 orbs. Thank Naga because I had almost no orbs. I'm back to saving orbs now.
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User Info: luciel_syuri

1 week ago#4
using free pull and 4 free ticket reward from FB event
-HP +ATK F!Tiki
my luck is over..

User Info: Steamroll

1 week ago#5
Just Final Fantasy Corrin but that was after all the tickets and the free pull so I spent 5 orbs at 3.25% rate though Tiki was who I wanted because of that mobility C skill.

Anyway she was +atk/-hp at least so I figured I'll put her to use.

I think thats it though, not gonna chance it right now.
(edited 1 week ago)
+ATK Brave Veronica (merged neutral into her)
+SPD -HP Fallen Bercute (at least the flaw is HP)
+ATK -SPD Fallen Y.Tiki (at least the asset is ATK)
I was wrong.

User Info: digitalstarry

1 week ago#7
Two Berkuts, both +spd

Can’t be mad tho about the dumb ivs cause all I spent was 2 tickets and 15 orbs
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User Info: VareasXbox

1 week ago#8
Free pulled Bector -Def+Spd
Ticket Pulled Shiro -Def+Spd
-HP+Res Fallen Tiki

User Info: EmpressA3

1 week ago#9
F!Berkut -atk +def

F!Tiki +atk -Spd

F!Tiki +spd -res

Kliff +spd -def

Kliff +spd -atk

Shiro +atk -Spd

F!F!Corrin +hp -def
FC: 5129-1299-5510
IGN: Sarah
Got to 4.25 before getting broken by Kliff and B!Veronica. Tried again, got to 3.75 before getting a +Res -Atk and Neutral Corrin on the same circle.
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