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User Info: vuviper

4 weeks ago#1
What modes do you actually enjoy? What do you like about them?

Just curious, wouldn't hurt to focus on things enjoy anyway

User Info: NovaWill

4 weeks ago#2
Not relevant, but AR deserves more love TBH.

Hope they add new traps and structures.

User Info: DreadKaiser

4 weeks ago#3
I hope they add new maps....
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User Info: AsterixKing

4 weeks ago#4
Abyssal maps and Lunatic Chain Challenges. I like working out solutions to things without any pressure.
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User Info: super_felicia

4 weeks ago#5
Lhb mhb and ghb because challenge
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User Info: Meganium7

4 weeks ago#6
hello I hate ar with such a burning passion I often have trouble finding the words to describe my hatred

the modes I enjoy are special hero battles, all of the chain modes (squad assault, chain challenge, arena assault), gc, and even forging bonds to an extent now that the dialogue has evolved beyond sucking off kiran all day.

User Info: PKupo

4 weeks ago#7
I don't hate AR, but there are certain things that they have not addressed that make me despise the mode:

-the randomness on losing lift on defense matches
-being able to use duplicate mythic heros

Best mode is Arena Assault. Not too many people complain about it and the rewards are decent.

User Info: wheatleyscience

4 weeks ago#8
I'm a fan of GC and still quite like arena. I'd say ghb bhb and lhb might be my favorite though.

Stil waiting for a concept of raid bosses though
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User Info: BloodMoon7

4 weeks ago#9
Basically nothing. This game is stale toast.
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User Info: UnownGamer

4 weeks ago#10
The Granblue Fantasy mode, where you switch to a significantly better game and enjoy that instead!
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