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User Info: BipBapBam

1 month ago#61
I fully agree. Glad I quit it a long time ago, it really made the game a chore to play knowing I had to play that garbage every day.
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User Info: OldHickory

1 month ago#62
The Rogue Cobra posted...
That's nice.

Never play fighting games then.

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User Info: Link_king_ownz

1 month ago#63
The only thing that makes AR bad is by how uncompetitive it is nowadays with T21 being so easy to get in to.

Literally everyone and their mother uses braindead defense teams that are terrible and only work against people who aren't patient enough to actually read the map.

I've been searching for weeks for actual intelligent defense teams to fight against that aren't a steamroll so I can get some nice footage for my videos and I can't for the life find anything that isn't a boring easy clap.

And pay to play? Don't make me laugh, you can get into T21 with a single Eir and NO defense wins if you just win out on offense. Losing 80 points on defense every day but winning every offense match will net you a total of 1680 points which is enough with 80 to spare on offense to get to T21.

Patience is key, learn to read maps, learn how the AI works in FEH, build a well balanced team and you'll be fine. If you need help, ask.

And oh yeah, don't blame things on "P2W". I'm F2P, have been in T21 since the second instance it was possible to be there, and I was rank 39 on the leaderboards yesterday before reset without any merges on my Eir.
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User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
1 month ago#64
AR has problems, but many of your arguments are flawed and/or don't even talk about the true problems with the mode.

wheatleyscience posted...
1. The mode is unforgiving. For a game that epitomizes the use of trial and error, aether raids seems to relish in the opposite. Especially in later tiers. Have one bad day in your attempted runs? Lmao! Get f***ed boi. Say goodbye to escaping the tier this week. The fact that you cant use an expendable item to restore aether is baffling to me. Especially since every other mode has a way to do it. No, it doesnt make the mode more challenging. No it doesnt weed out the weak. It just brutally punishes failure for the sake of punishing failure. Especially in a format where what you're up against is incredibly inconsistent. Which leads us to 2.....

AR forces you to understand how the AI acts. It also pushes more teambuilding and thought, whereas arena is basically just optimizing for score, and the traditional PvE modes are really easy if you have two brain cells to rub together once you figure out the reinforcement patterns (tactics drills are annoying, sure). I've gotten a lot better at the game after forcing myself to understand the AI so I can actually do AR semi-competently.

You get punished for failures, but you get up to 3 escape ladders per week, so you get leeway.

You also don't explain why high difficulty is a problem, you just claim it is self-evident and true.

2. Defense team concept sucks major anus. Unlike in arena, where its implemented fairly well "and by well I mean inoffensive", AR makes it mandatory to have a good and constantly changing team. Your offense run could be immaculate, but if you lose a defense match like twice, you lose your chance to advance. Plus defense structures seem to have a major advantage over your offensive ones. Which leads to.....

The defense scoring needs to be revamped, but it is not nearly as unforgiving as you make it out to be.

In T20 you get a minimum of 13 matches just from aether you regen naturally + what you start with. You can get up to 16 if you get enough pots. Let's just take 15 matches as our baseline.

Two +0 Eirs puts you at 160 lift with a deathless win. Let's just say you *average* 1 death per run, so you net 140 per run.

140 * 15 = 2100

You need 1600 to promote to T21. This means you can lose up to 500 on defenses. The season lasts 160 hours and you're only vulnerable to a defense loss every 20 hours, so *at most* you face 8 defense losses, which is almost mathematically impossible. Most people will face 7 defense losses, even though most people will get successes once in awhile and not notice, but that's beside the point.

If you get the full blown -80 every single loss you get -560, which means you would be 60 points short.

So if you're sloppy and lose 1 unit per run, miss out on 1 match because of not enough pots, AND your defense just completely blows ass and -80s every time... you're short 60 points.

Which means not being a complete dumbass and shoring up just one of these areas will put you into T21.

Defense penalties need to be revamped because it makes no sense intuitively and doesn't give a proper representation of how effective your defense is. It doesn't need to be revamped because "omg slightly bad luck and you miss out on promotion!"

Yes, you basically can't promote to T21 if it's not light season. That's a function of offensive mythic heroes (and a legit problem with the game), not defense losses f***ing you in the ass.
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User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
1 month ago#65
3. Its unbalanced. I have a level 4 fortress and heavily upgraded stuff and it doesnt do jack diddly s*** against most defensive structures. I get that you can have multiple attack teams too, but the traps coupled with the wide variety of defense teams makes running any team difficult. Offensive structures should give you more of an edge instead of just being "there". It feels like to me more often than not, that I'm fighting a battle with less cards in my hand than my opponent. In player hands hardly matters after a certain point. My final point is....

The sheer design of fire emblem as a whole is that you are undermanned and you must still overcome the odds to deathless the map and win. This is true for every single other fire emblem game. AR just magnifies it because it's a PvP mode, but being "outmanned" is not exclusive to AR, and in fact is a feature of the FE series.

At worst, some (or a lot) of the buildings in AR are underpowered and need buffs. That hardly constitutes as a major flaw with the mode.

4 it's kind of pay to play. I'm someone who is fairly lucky with my pulls so I have managed to pull all the mythical heroes so far. But some people haven't been able to or have wanted to. This effectively shuts people out of an optimized performance week because they didnt have the orbs or were trying to save them. Now I fully understand you can just use Eir on light season, but that doesnt really improve it. "Yeah the mode is accessible every other week for you" like that's absurd.

I know at least a few F2P players who've managed to hit top 1k or better, it just requires that you know what you're doing.

Note that AR is designed to be FEH's current "endgame" mode, so of course anyone who just picked up the game yesterday will lack the resources to do well. But any F2P who's been playing for awhile will have more than enough orbs to pull for the things (s)he needs.

For example back in late January when I first hit T21, the main team I used was...

two +0 Eirs, both base kit (you get one for free). She was also featured on a hero fest banner with higher focus rates.
4*+10 Olivia with armorslayer. Entire kit is in the 3-4 star pool and only needed feathers.
+0 Surtr, base kit, who featured on a 2-focus banner, and was actuallyreally easy to pull.
5+10 OG Nowi, with steady breath.

So one unit was slightly expensive to build, but one was trivial to build, one was literally free, and you had to pull for two units, one on a 2-focus banner and the other on a hero fest.

If it's not light season, sure, you won't promote from T20 to T21. But that's the only flaw with regards to that. ONce you're in T21, it's irrelevant because nobody else in the tier will have boosted lift gains either.

Money helps you win of course, but it isn't *required*, and it is not P2W. Ask CeruleanGamer if being a whale is cruise control to the top.
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User Info: CJwat11

1 month ago#66
As much as I hate fighting whales with +10 Surtrs during Light season when my team comp is restricted, it's not as fundamentally bad or crippling as the problems with Defenses atm.

I previously mentioned it in a post but here's two glaring flaws in AR Defense that should really be fixed:

1) No timer to show players how much time they have left in Grace Period.

Every other mode/aspect of FEH gives the player information on time: either how long it takes for stuff like Stamina to recharge, or how much longer an Arena/AA/AR season lasts. So it's silly why this one timed aspect of the game has no in-game tracker for. Especially since it only lasts 20 hours and isn't on a more fixed interval (due to the nature of Defense matchups).

This could easily be fixed by just putting a timer in the Defense menu where you go to watch replays and whatnot when Grace Period is active.

2) Defense wins/successes have no meaning during Grace Period.

This is a reason for why a lot of players put up meme or free win defenses, especially when they're already in Tier 21 and just want to chill.

This could be fixed by some of the following:
-Adding the Grace Period timer from above and making successful Defenses during Grace Period extend it by an hour.
-For consecutive Defense wins in a row (and during Grace Period), players could earn bonuses like free Aether Restoration or bonus reward Heroic Grails. Also to remedy the sting of the good old "failure and then two or three successes afterwards", one of the consecutive Defense win bonuses could be the instant regain of previously lost Lift on Defense.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

1 month ago#67
Normal Arena is still a thousand times worse.
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