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  3. Do you sack your only copy of a 5* unit?

User Info: NovaWill

1 month ago#1
Which fits you the most? - Results (286 votes)
Yes, I don't care if they are my only copy.
13.99% (40 votes)
No, I keep at least one copy of any character I pull.
34.27% (98 votes)
I generally don't unless the unit has REALLY good fodder.
26.22% (75 votes)
Yes, but only if the unit is worthless (Mist/Luke).
5.94% (17 votes)
Maybe if I hate the character.
6.64% (19 votes)
Yes, I focus on my favourites and fodder extras to them.
7.34% (21 votes)
Only if the IVs are bad.
3.85% (11 votes)
1.75% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I am a collector, so I never, ever sack a copy of a unit if they are my only copy.

User Info: Zinie95

1 month ago#2
Yes, already fed the free Takumi to V.Lyn for CC. Takumi = Food.

User Info: BloodMoon7

1 month ago#3
Yes. Sometimes I'll sack premium fodder Heroes for their not premium skills.
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User Info: DreadKaiser

1 month ago#4
Generally no
I did feed Dreamcorn to Tiki for Null Followup though.
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User Info: firedoom666

1 month ago#5
Nope, I play to collect them all, and preferably get each 5 star to level 40 so I can see their small "story" thing
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User Info: tankerminion1

1 month ago#6
I used to be completely against it, but when you get 200+ 5* units and you don’t use them anymore I see no reason not to fodder them.
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User Info: _Spectral_

1 month ago#7
Rarely. I prefer to keep them.

I decided I wanted to SI Valentine’s Ike to +10 Marth (literally my first summon ever) for DC and Even Speed Wave. Basically a no-brainer. It still took me over a month to actually do it just because I liked Val Ike.
Enjoy Life :]

User Info: Comyx

1 month ago#8
Depends on the fodder. For example, an Adrift F!Corrin pitybroke me, but I already have +10 Myrrh so I knew I was never gonna use her, might as well give Myrrh her Rally skill instead.
Kliff is another guy I instantly foddered for the sake of my core units, and now I'm pondering what to do about my Ishtar, considering she has gathered dust for months, so perhaps I should just go ahead and give her to Nino.

User Info: EmpressA3

1 month ago#9
I did but not anymore.
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User Info: watersprite_12

1 month ago#10
Only if it is someone I know I will never use.
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