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  3. When is an alt appropriate in your opinion?

User Info: SquidSystem

3 months ago#1
Which of these scenarios would make a unit getting an alt satisfactory? - Results (162 votes)
Whenever and for no reason. All fine with me.
17.28% (28 votes)
If the original unit is irredeemably bad statistically.
9.26% (15 votes)
When the original's art is so terrible that it hampers my enjoyment of them.
8.02% (13 votes)
If it showcases another aspect of a unit that their original didn't.
20.37% (33 votes)
Alternate universe/endings like Fallen Heroes or Adrift.
6.17% (10 votes)
If I like the character getting an alt.
11.11% (18 votes)
Seasonals and legendary only.
10.49% (17 votes)
Never. New characters only, thanks.
6.79% (11 votes)
3.09% (5 votes)
if it's m o m m y c a m i l l a
7.41% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I know alts aren't really a new topic, nor a fresh one, but I'm curious, that in times of general calm and little discourse, how the people of, this community, at least, feel about alts.

and if you feel like it, tell me who your favorite alt is, especially if you don't really like alts all too much.
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User Info: Eldin

3 months ago#2
It's only appropriate when they're pretending to be chunkyshtew
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User Info: BloodMoon7

3 months ago#3
When it'll make a quick buck for daddy I$
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User Info: UnownGamer

3 months ago#4
As long as they're Ben alts its all good.
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User Info: TheseJeans

3 months ago#5
When the original unit in question is bad/has bad art.

Someone like Faye could use a Harrier alt of some kind on the next Echoes banner because she's just Firesweep fodder.
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User Info: SquidSystem

3 months ago#6
BloodMoon7 posted...
When it'll make a quick buck for daddy I$

yes, anything for daddy I$~

legitimately speaking, is IS one of the few examples of a reverse sugar daddy?
What is an Inkling? A miserable pile of Squidkids.

User Info: SirRobX

3 months ago#7
Alts are fine, it’s only a problem if they keep making alts for the same charactmilla
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User Info: albertojz356

3 months ago#8
I only like Eirika or Titania’s alt, I’m either neutral (Tana) or dislike (Azura for example) the other alts.
Here we go, off the rails.

User Info: RiverSquirtle

3 months ago#9
I’m okay with alts as legendary and Brave heroes, as well as some seasonals as long as it isn’t the same character over and over.
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