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  3. When the last time you pulled a free 5* unit

User Info: 9999_damage

2 months ago#11
Gray from free pull of the regal bunny banner
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User Info: blasster

2 months ago#12
Spring Veronica
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User Info: Tight-Knots

2 months ago#13
Spring Palla :3 before that, it’s been a long time!! Dx Dx when Nino got her refine!! :3

My first ever was female Corrin on a dragon banner like Y1?? XD
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User Info: Ace_Strife

2 months ago#14
Yesterday, from the bond skills banner. Got the focus MCorrin
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User Info: brainrotter

2 months ago#15
Bownoka off of her current banner.
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User Info: dotsdfe

2 months ago#16
Uhhhh......I think from the blue tome VG. It's been a while.
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User Info: Steamroll

2 months ago#17
5* +spd/-HP Tharja on her refine banner.

Not a bad deal since I'm motivated to build one now that a 5* version is just sitting there in the barracks. Just waiting on a certain kind of fodder that should come out in the future.

User Info: LordFarquad1312

2 months ago#18
Spring Marisa a couple of days ago, Sprin Lucina on my free pull before that.
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User Info: DrOchasio

2 months ago#19
Are tickets considered free pulls? Then Idunn but if not it was Ninian.
I guess i should try for every dragon that releases
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User Info: Yurari

2 months ago#20

... I think it was Deirdre on the Seliph, Julia, Deirdre banner on the anniversary.
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