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User Info: ReinhardtPence

4 weeks ago#41
ShinigamiMiroku posted...
If this poll had been put up before this latest TT, I'd have voted for Failnoka.

if you believe this you're actually irredeemably stupid
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User Info: vuviper

4 weeks ago#42
I voted Loki, but she's also the best because I have her and she's on a much cooler mount

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

4 weeks ago#43
Loki. She has no valuable niche when being compared to the other 3.

Ignoring that NY! Fjorm has a better stat-spread and only looking at her color, at least New York Fjorm can be pretty terrifying with a Firesweep Bow+ in an Aether Raids defense team, making it harder to bait your red hero for free.

Loki literally offers nothing of value over what Bownoka or Takumi can do. Sure she can run a Guard Bow better, but... you have to give up your A or seal slot to use Iote's, meaning she gets 6 less def/res than other Guard Bow users, and if she opts not to use Iote's then she can't tank bows as reliably as other guard bow users or raventome fliers like Spring Camilla.

Loki's decent, great even, but she's unquestionably the weakest of the 4. She'd only be better than Fjorm if Bownoka and S!Takumi didn't exist.
I was wrong.

User Info: DBean

4 weeks ago#44
Hinoka's definitely the best, but NY Fjorm's base kit is also pretty awesome. Only thing you have to give her is an easy to earn special like Luna. Link skills continue to be underrated to me. Takumi has great offenses, so it kind of has to be Loki by default.

User Info: JGD_83

4 weeks ago#45
Loki is average. All the others are great. It’s Loki.
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