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User Info: catchthemouser

3 weeks ago#21
I'm autobattling Lunatic 5 with Sigurd, Eir, Vero, and S!Loki. I'm doing fine so far, just reached 32k points.

User Info: DoubleDragon

3 weeks ago#22
I just trained up 5* Loki. I gave her draw back and RES+3 from Nino for the time being and Iotes shield seal.

Since my HM is capped on every unit besides Loki, I'm running an old trick I used to use before TT+ to max out HM on TT units sooner: Doubling up on deployment.

5* Loki, draw back/RES+3, SPD refine, iotes
4* Loki, base kit, brazen ATK/DEF seal
H!Mia, weaponless, base kit, L2S 2 seal

Consistently autobattling Lunatic 5 with all four units surviving.
Abyssal Clears W/Nowi, Hana, Cecilia

User Info: DreadKaiser

3 weeks ago#23
ah, didn't think of that

too bad I booked teh 4* loki instantly....
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User Info: NintendoLover25

3 weeks ago#24
Yeah I'm already done with the 50k. Auto battle team is Spring Veronica, Spring Loki, Hot Spring Sakura, and Ylgr. They hardly ever lose cause this one is easier. I never really grinded past 50k in the past but this time I'm going to do it, since I'm staring at a 400+ pile of potions just rotting.

User Info: CeruleanGamer

3 weeks ago#25
DeBron posted...
How can you have trouble auto battling any TT with 100 +10 units.

I’m autobattling with my units that are NOT +10. Almost all my +10 units have max HM.
5* Lvl 40+10s: Helbindi, Catria, Camilla, Ophelia, Lewyn, Eir, Legendary Tiki, Duma, Summer Linde, Minerva, Hrid, Hoshidan Summer Micaiah, Sophia, and 92 more.
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  3. Wow a Tempest Trial that's not annoying to Auto Battle...
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