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  3. What is your favorite seasonal units?

User Info: hinaru77

4 weeks ago#1
Just for fun.
Xmas Fae
Summer Linde
Spring Heroes unit’s
Summer Corrin
Valentine Ike

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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 weeks ago#2
Both Sakuras cuz Sakura, LA!Hector because of the ridiculousness of his title. These are my top tier ones, but in general as long as you aren't a NY or Spring unit, I like you.
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User Info: NintendoLover25

4 weeks ago#3

User Info: Renkencen

4 weeks ago#4
Mainly the fliers like summer Camilla, Tana, NY and Azura. Oh and also SF Micaiah too!

User Info: Raltrios

4 weeks ago#5
Winter Robin.
Summer Corrin, Tana, Cordelia and Linde.
Halloween Mia. Myrrh's cute too.
Velntine's Ike.
Festival Micaiah.
Spring Kagero, Catria, Veronica, and Marisa.
Hot Springs Hinoka and Sakura.
New Year's Azura.
Bride Cordelia, Tharja, and Sanaki.

There's a lot more I like too. It's hard to narrow them down even this far.
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User Info: Mega_Gardevoir

4 weeks ago#6
Hard to pick! I like a lot of them.

Summer Freddy
Xmas Robin
Xmas Fae
Spring Kagero
Halloween Sakura

Would be top 5 at least.
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User Info: CortanaTheAI

4 weeks ago#7
Bridelia and summer Cordy
Christmas Lissa
Christmas Eirika
Christmas Ephraim
Summer Camilla
Bride Tharja
NY Azura
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User Info: Pickley-

4 weeks ago#8
Summer Freddick
Halloween Sakura
LA units
PA units

User Info: Semeki

4 weeks ago#9

W!Robin -still going strong as of what? 2 years?
V!Ike -out of the box amazing w/ base skills and stats

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User Info: LorenzoV

4 weeks ago#10
LA Lilina (Lilina ❤ )
Bride Ninian (best dragon and best VA)
Vampyrrh (also best dragon and cute art)
Spring Catria (I love her artwork, so colorful)
Spring Veronica (cuteness level over 9000)
Festival Elincia (she has one of the best art if not the best in the game)
Winter Eirika (she is lovely)
Valentine Mist (best Miwabe Sakura's work and she is so precious)

Surely missing a lot of other units, but these are some of them.
Dana is best girl ~
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