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User Info: BKmk2

1 month ago#11
get a ranged unit , preferably a strong dagger type or bow like Spring Cam / Eir (merged) / Bow Loki. Get two of them if necessary for maximum setup.

Close Counter
Savage blow
savage blow

1) buff unit(s)
2) smite into lightning trap
3) take out unit(s) with hardy bearing
4) ???
5) enjoy your free wins because no one tier in 17 knows how to counter savage blow vantage
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User Info: Nehpets700

1 month ago#12
Thanks for all the advice guys. Keeping this thread alive at the moment. Will likely post a list of units and fodder available to me.
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User Info: RenamonFOX

1 month ago#13
Focus on offense, forsake defense.

If your defense game is good, you save less than 20% of your lift.
If your offense game is good, you can still make top 1k even with full -80s on defense.

Upgrade your relevant offense structures. Upgrade your offense fortress as high as you can make it go. Find an offense strategy that works for you and commit to it.

Buff a supertank and press end turn.
Galeforce horse with Velouria and quickened pulse to guarantee it goes off, even vs the squishiest of targets.
Loki to pin down pesky dancers.
Aversa to debuff and lunge your favorite into the opponent's face.

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User Info: blasster

1 month ago#14
If you are still on T17, the issue is most likely your offense is not up to par.

Most people don't even care about defense until they get into T20.
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User Info: Mega_Gardevoir

1 month ago#15
As said, offence is where most of your points come from. And in that respect you have to get into the mentality that "any win is a win".

No setup is "unbeatable". You probably mean you can't engage without losing a unit. But, even that's worth score. With 1 unit loss on non-Eir sesson that's still 80 points. Enough to negate a Def loss.

Build a suicide team, build a tank team, build a ReinBlyn + 2 dancers team (or any hyper offence combo you have), build a Flier team for lava/water maps and finally build a team that has a bit of everything and is versatile.

In the end you have to figure out which offence strat works best for you. This is a trial and error task and we can't do it for you. We can only give suggestions based on what worked for us.
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User Info: akaean

1 month ago#16
You will get a lot of conflicting advice about Aether Raids and what works. Remember, that the majority of this advice is "correct".

Every defense team is different, tactics that work against one may not work against others. If you want success in aether raids, here is what i recommend.

1) Create 3-4 offense teams designed to tackle difficult situations. If you have two Eir, use both Eir on each time. And try to have all of the members of these teams light blessed. You will likely need to switch one member out each week to a bonus unit (except on Eir Bonus weeks).
- Super Tank team (this team wins by buffing up a single unit, and killing the majority of the enemy team on counter). remember to smite them into the enemies face. Surtr can do this well (if the enemy doesn't have a counter to him on defense). Other notable mentions are Nowi and Fae, which are easier to put merges into, and if you have Naliah can run Null C Disrupt to counter Healers and Double Poison Firesweep Lyns which are a huge threat. Fae is notable because she has an easier time walling Reinhardt. Nowi is notable because she has an easier time handling Firesweep swords. This will be your generally most useful team.
- Galeforce Team (The idea is to have units capable of triggering Galeforce to sweep through multiple members of the opponents team. And either trap dangerous units, or only leave alive units that cannot kill your sweeper. The best Galeforce users are those that do not rely on speed, such as Brave Ephraim or Tibarn. Make sure to use Smite to get your Galeforcer into position. This will not work on all team comps.
- If you have an Adrift M Corrin, and you struggle with Tibarn I recommend basing a team around him. Adrift M Corrin is a Tibarn hard counter with basically his base set. This lets you effectively bait Tibarn and deal with him without him gale forcing through your team like a dick.
- Figure out what enemy units give you the most trouble, and build teams specifically designed to handle them. You have multiple options for offense teams. use them. and deploy the one best suited to the situation.

2) Focus your upgrades around Offense first. Having a fortress advantage is huge. And you need to spend on Offense in order to keep it. Make sure to get Escape Rope level 3 as well. Lets you mess up, and lets you take a bad situation in stride. then take a bonus tower and maybe one other tower that you like (like healing or tactics room). Avoid filling your whole back row with towers. More often than not you will wish you had some room to maneuver your units back there.

3) Learn how to use smite. if Aether Raids offense has done anything, its show players how generally useful Smite is. Smite used to be a joke skill that nobody wanted compared to Reposition or Draw Back. Now players are actually coming to terms with just how good it is against tough player created challenges.
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User Info: Anazeldee

1 month ago#17
Bonus doubler + null C disrupt on a dc tank and witchy wand can trivialize most defense team. Expensive, I know.

User Info: Oresama

1 month ago#18
Best advice I can give you is to get a second Eir on the coming Mythic banner. And focus on your O fortress, +160 lift for each battle is life changing.
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User Info: Volo

1 month ago#19
Like someone said, build a Cecilia, she's really, REALLY worth it in this mode and if there was a separate tier list, she'd be pretty high up.

Try to build different teams, like 1-2 hyperoffensive teams (best case would be 2 galeforcers + 2 wings of mercy dancers. (the other could be a different kind of hyperoffence, with many ranged nukes)

The other teams should be mixed and/or defensive (put Cecilia in here). And even though I dont have them, I think Fae and Adrift FCorrin are also very, very good for AR, especially if you can give them Null Disrupt. Simply because most of the nukes people use are blue (Rein, Ophelia, LLucina f.e.).

I feel like Aversa should be in most teams, simply because many enemy still use visible buffs...don't forget to give her axebreaker as well.

And always rejoice when people separate their teams, even better if there is a wall of buildings between them :P

User Info: ReinhardtPence

1 month ago#20
build a rally trap defense
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