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  3. Think about your waifu and then think about what you had for breakfast today ;)

User Info: Spiega

4 weeks ago#1
Now!! Your waifu has become real and you made her what you had for breakfast today as a dinner on your very first date!!!

How will she react to this meal?! ;)

Well today I had cheesy eggs and toast with some bacon and a glass of orange juice! And while it may be a healthy and nutritious breakfast I do not think it will work out as well for dinner... xD
I can't believe its not butter??
Well if its not butter then what the heck is it?! O_o

User Info: SirRobX

4 weeks ago#2
I think Surtr would love off-brand cheerios for dinner
He'd have to eat them cold though
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User Info: RavingSwoobat

4 weeks ago#3
Very upset.

I just made me 2 pb&j sandwiches and reheated some leftovers, because I just got back from work and am tired. That's not a meal to serve anyone on a first date or any sort of occasion. That's a meal you serve yourself because you can't be bothered.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

4 weeks ago#5
I had a big ass glass of chocolate milk with pasteurized egg whites mixed in for extra protein, a couple mini muffins and clementines, and a mug of black coffee.

Cecilia seems pretty chill in general, but I don't think my breakfast would work at all for a first date dinner.

User Info: JCoconut

4 weeks ago#6
Eirika... Here... Have your plate of nothing :(

Oh no why you look at me like that?!

*proceeds invite her out for brunch in a Café*

User Info: 9999_damage

4 weeks ago#7
I had some meatballs, rice, and fried eggs.

Other than the eggs I think the meal would work as a dinner, it's not romantic or anything though. Lyn's a simple lady though I think she'll be fine with it.
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User Info: vermillion719

4 weeks ago#8
Peri stabs me for dishonoring the art of food preparation by giving her bowl of cereal for dinner.

But she also pats my head warmly for trying to do something nice for her. I smile as the life leaves my body.
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User Info: CJwat11

4 weeks ago#9
Well I guess this works out for Azura.

I had a strawberry smoothie this morning. Along with a few slices of toast with cheese (melted on top) and ham.

Lemme fire up the blender again, and the toaster oven.
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User Info: HereToHelp

4 weeks ago#10
Uh, what if I haven't eaten yet? Lol. I kind of forgot to eat.
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