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  3. What is your favorite legendary unit?

User Info: hinaru77

4 weeks ago#1
I got Legendary Lyn not to long ago. From her I believe I’m only missing a few Legendary and that’s it, And with IS bringing out more. I wanted to ask you guys who is your favorite Legendary unit? Can be for whatever reason.

My (beside LAzura because how useful she is) is Legendary Tiki. Love her artwork, her golden dragon state. And she a powerful unit even though I don’t have her.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

4 weeks ago#2
Roy. Bonus Doubler kicks ass. So does the score boost.

User Info: Painted_Dux

4 weeks ago#3
Hrid has been fun to use. amazing right out of the box. gunnthra too.
both of them are +0 but i got good ivs on both, and putting them together they absolutely wreck things.
Eir has been such a good freebie, she pulls more than her weight on my flier team
tiki has helped me through a couple abyssal maps, despite her -atk
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User Info: shawnwalker

4 weeks ago#4
Legendary Lucina might be my fav legendary. I unfortunately don't have her yet, cos I've had other focuses summoning atm, but I love archers and she's a very solid bow user. Love her bow animations. Will get her eventually.

EDIT: If we count mythics, defintely Eir. She has been a a very solid addition to my team and I view her as irreplaceable.
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User Info: 9999_damage

4 weeks ago#5
Legendary Marth
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User Info: RandomAc1206

4 weeks ago#6
I can’t really decide between Hríd or L!Hector.

Hríd is on my Quad Ward Cav Team along with Leo, LA!Roy, and Silas. All are Wind Blessed too, which is fun.

L!Hector is just flat-out amazing and useful on any armor team.
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User Info: vermillion_wolf

4 weeks ago#7
Duma is a beast. I love using him.
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User Info: NintendoLover25

4 weeks ago#8
Tiki cause she's the cutest. "I love you all!" Hnngg

User Info: CortanaTheAI

4 weeks ago#9
I've had a lot of fun using future vision so probably Lucina.
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User Info: IndianaJones65

4 weeks ago#10

holy s*** roy destroys everything with vantage, fierce stance seal, and kaden support
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