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User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
1 month ago#51
Happened a few times.

At least twice as a free pull.
Once on a ticket.
A few times in the free pull circle.

User Info: Darkdragoon324

1 month ago#52
I have a few times with free pulls, once with a summon ticket.
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User Info: quantumchem5

1 month ago#53
It's hard to remember all of the free 5* pulls. My most memorable ones are +Atk -Res Zelgius on the first day of Radiant Dawn banner back on winter of last year and +Atk -HP Ayra in one of the banners some time on spring of last year. I immediately made Zelgius to become my max SS unit and he's my main unit ever since. I played Ayra often at point and then I max her Hero Merit while bringing my +Res -Spd Ayra as well (I got two, but the -Spd was not obtained in a free pull). I also got +HP -Atk Ares on his Thracia banner as a free pull. Those three are the ones I remembered clearly.
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User Info: perfectchaos83

1 month ago#54
Multiple times, even when free pulls weren't a thing I still pulled a few 5* on the first pull of a Banner
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User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

1 month ago#55
Make that 21.

I free summoned a -ATK +RES Spring Veronica.
I was wrong.

User Info: HappyDog

1 month ago#56
You all give me hope... For the bext spring banner.
Never free pulled a 5 star.

User Info: Laughingman_S

1 month ago#57
I'm at about 22 or 23. It's hard to keep track of them all at this point. I've kept a list of them, but I don't have access to it right now. Some of the notable freebies I've pulled include Hector, Tana, Flyzura, LIke, Amelia, Hardon, Ishtar (twice), Karla, Kinshinoka, SunTana, and Duma. My most recent was Quan on the VG banner at the end of February.

Besides them, I've picked up one 5* with a ticket: Idunn.
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User Info: hell_tanuki

1 month ago#58
4 or 5 times maybe. Mostly on the free pull, once with a ticket.
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