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  3. Is it worth pulling for LA Hector?

User Info: Renkencen

1 week ago#1
Should I spend my orbs to get him? - Results (74 votes)
35.14% (26 votes)
64.86% (48 votes)
This poll is now closed.
To summed it up-

Currently hoarding 171 orbs as I type this. It will be over 200 by the time TT is over.

I didn't get him the first time althought my pirority back then was LA Lyn.

The current axe armor I have are OG Hector (ironic that I got him from the first LA banner), W Chrom, Amelia and H Dorcas. In another words, no Surtr and no L Hector.

Speaking of them, honestly I haven't used those four that oftern.

I aware about not pulling for specific units however I have netural LA Lyn and Netural Lilina so getting their dupes wouldn't be bad thanks to the bane removal via merge (unless the dupes are netural). Roy would be a new unit.

I know of his legendary counterpart but my outlook on Legendary banner are usually bleak. Only two times I have pulled multiple 5* (last banner and L Lyn banner) within 100 orbs. It usually take me over 100 just to get a single 5*. Granted I know there is a change he could appear in the upcoming vote banner.

Speaking of the legendary banner, I'm more looking forward for L Azura and L Lucina which I read those two will be in one banner in the near future?

Ok technically I have already made my own conclusion but I would liked to read some feedbacks to see if my wheather to changed my mind or not?

User Info: Laughingman_S

1 week ago#2
I would advise against it.

Four focus banners are a bag of s***e, and the colour share only makes them worse. Vector is still a very good unit, but not worth dealing with those s***ty rates with the Anniversary banner on the horizon. That banner will likely give you a shot at either Lector or Surtr, both of which are superior to Vector.
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User Info: Steamroll

1 week ago#3
Renkencen posted...
Speaking of the legendary banner, I'm more looking forward for L Azura and L Lucina which I read they two will be in one banner in the near future?

Yeah the march Legendary/mythic banner

As for spending well him and Ike right now are the only ones with DC on focus so...

But for foddering purposes ike is the better one, because in the march update we can fodder 4 skills at the same time.

If you just want him as a character... This is the best you can get at gaining him.

User Info: rpgguy999

1 week ago#4
I'd would wait to see the "Find & Vote" results.

There's a chance that Legendary Hector is there.
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User Info: Dericit

1 week ago#5
Unless you really like Hector and must have each one you're better off waiting for a Legendary Banner and fishing for Legendary Hector. Give you more time to save that way. Sure you could still get blocked but at least you have more chances to get Lector than Vector.
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User Info: VareasXbox

1 week ago#6
He is a great unit, but need some fodder to work the best he can. Mine is +Atk +1 with Vengeful Fighter, he kick so much ass.

User Info: blasster

1 week ago#7
Blunt answer;

Don't settle for s*** unit just because you cannot get the much better unit.

Unless it's because you have hard-on for Hector and wanna collect Hectors.

Also, B!Ephraim is much better than Vector as well, so Vector not even anywhere near kissing Surtr or Lector ass.
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User Info: p3pdrake

1 week ago#8
4 focus is pretty bad. Just wait for LHector again. That said, Vector is the hardest hitting Hector we have
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User Info: HereToHelp

1 week ago#9
I would say yes, for DC fodder.

But right now, Valentine Ike also has DC, and he doesn't share color with anything else, unlike this Hector.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

1 week ago#10
I use him on my main team for Infernal LHBs, he's really good. Legendary Hector tends to be better, and already coming with VF is a plus, however.

There is niche usage with Berserk Armads especially when combo'd with Vengeful Fighter, but you are usually better off saving for LHector.
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