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User Info: RisingFlames

4 weeks ago#1
IS keeps releasing new and shiny units which everybody wants, but at the end of the day, your orbs would fetch you more units that you don't want/use/need, etc.

The more units gets released, the more saturated the orb color becomes which further limits your chances on getting something useful, but somehow the game never fails in fetching you those oboros, raighs, bartres, and wrys.

Hence the question? How would you fix the summoning system so it wouldn't be so disheartening to not get the focus units?

User Info: The UnLucky Cat

The UnLucky Cat
4 weeks ago#2
Demotes and split pools basically. Brand new characters introduced directly at 4* would be nice too.
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User Info: CrescentShadow

4 weeks ago#3
I'd have it where there's one summoning banner that's always up, it has no focus unit but every non-seasonal/legendary/mythic hero is in it

then all the other banners we get normally: new hero, tempest, bound hero, skills, etc; would only have heroes in their pool from the same game/s as the focus units

so like if we get a Seasonal banner with 2 Tellius and 2 Awakening characters the only other units besides them you could pull would be from Tellius and Awakening

now for stuff like Thracia you could just lump it in with Genealogy and maaaaybe just stick a small-medium sized assortment of heroes from other games in if they feel it's too few like for some single game focuses, maybe the Book 2 characters are always present

so that way if there's some specific hero you want you can just wait until there's a focus unit from their game so there's less competition for their color; or if you just need fodder you have the Everyone is Here! banner that's always up

and then also have a system similar to Granblue Fantasy's sparking; where if you spend a certain threshold of orbs on a single banner you can just pick a 5* from the pool you want with neutral IV
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User Info: lethe7580

4 weeks ago#4
Off-focus 5* units won’t reset pity rate.

User Info: km25

4 weeks ago#5
Split pools would be good idea (you select both a focus banner and a pool), but I don't know how it should be split. Splitting by color would be too strong, splitting by move type/weapon type as well. I like CrescentShadows'idea of splitting by original game, but the distribution among games is uneven.

User Info: hishong

4 weeks ago#6
Demote all day one 5* exclusive units except Hector to 4*. Demote a significant number of other 5* exclusives to 4-5*, demote a significant number of 4-5* units to 4* and demote a significant number of 3-4* units to 3*

Then remove 3* units from the summoning pool and make it so you can summon them separately through some guaranteed method.

As it is now, there is no meaningful way for players to get a a ton of characters in the 5* exclusive pool because that character is essentially never on a banner and there are way too many 5* in the pool to summon off focus hoping you get something you want. There are tons of characters out there that people would happily spend money to try pulling if they actually had a realistic shot at them.

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

4 weeks ago#7
Make it impossible to get a 5 star Leo after $100.

But in all seriousness...

1) No more 4-5 stars, Only 3-4 stars and 5 stars, maybe 4 star exclusive for new demoted heroes, and if IS doesn't like the idea of demoting a hero without them being available at 5 stars to pity break you or out of fear of backlash, f***ing pull a Kaze with the 3rd or 4th hero on every non-special banner, and just have it be a 2 or 3 hero new banner instead.

2) Off focus heroes don't break pity rate and/or only pity rate goes up for focuses (e.g. after 5 summons, focus is 3.5% instead of 3.25%, and non-focus is still 3%).

3) Demote a bunch of outdated heroes like Luke, Mist, etc etc... 30 or more 5 star exclusives and the 4-5 star heroes like Shigure and Libra.

4) Give some outdated heroes like Raigh or Est a new skill, like Rally Up Atk+ AND Red Duel Infantry to Raigh, and Def Ploy to Est.

1 of these are desperately needed to keep the game from getting stale for F2P and spenders, 2 would restore faith for a lot of players, 3 or more would be impressive/surprising and worthy of praise.
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User Info: iGouger

4 weeks ago#8
The most obvious solution is to just demote units more consistently, but we all know IS will never do that. There's a dearth of 3-4* units and 5* units keep getting introduced, with none of them ever being demoted... resulting in an even more inflated 5* summoning pool. Another thing is that 1-2* units are criminally under-utilized; when I started this game, I thought 1-2* units were cool because of how much building up you had to do... fast forward two years later though, and there are no more now than there were upon release.

Demote units, be more consistent about demoting new units RIGHT AFTER they're released, do something with 1-2* units, and implement some way of using resources to buy skills. The idea of summoning just for skill fodder is asinine if you ask me.

User Info: hishong

4 weeks ago#9
Terrible SI fodder heroes getting upgraded Rally+/Dual Rally and Dual Spur/Drive would be really nice as well. These days units are coming with multiple desirable skills whereas most older ones serve no SI purpose other than burning them for level 1-2 of 2 skills just so you can get level 3 of 2 different skills from a new unit.

User Info: CrescentShadow

4 weeks ago#10
km25 posted...
I like CrescentShadows'idea of splitting by original game, but the distribution among games is uneven.

which is why I said while some games have really small pools they could also stick in an assortment from other games to balance it out a bit, and also group Thracia with Genealogy until it has more characters where it can stand more on it's own

like for when we get the first Three Houses banner for it I'd include all the previous lords and plot important characters from each game and then maybe some other random 3/4 stars to fill up colors that are lacking

and then have the Heroes originals who are in the pool permanently always be included, beyond the focus game units and Heroes originals maybe don't let any banner pool go over 100 different units? which is just a bit bigger than the launch pool
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