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  3. +spd -def or +spd -res Tailtiu?

User Info: Mjolnirboi

4 weeks ago#21
Merge her anyway.
She's common enough and fodder is mediocre.
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User Info: ReinhardtPence

4 weeks ago#22
Just merge to +1 at least so it doesn't matter in a few weeks
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User Info: MidMorningSol

4 weeks ago#23
km25 posted...
MidMorningSol posted...
Tailtiu should keep her Res. Dunno what type of special you got on her but majority of mages' defense aren't anything worth salvaging except armor mages/Boey/Henry/Merric as they all can take a hit or two.

Regarding Tailtiu, it's not about surviving multiple hits, it's just about surviving a single hit, and then entering desperation range. For this, physical bulk should not be abusively sacrificed. Fury 3 helps a little, but a -4 def superbane is annoying.

I hear ya. I've had a Tailtiu with +Def/-Spd (lol) and that didn't mean squat for even reds when I fail to get her out of the way in time. Desperation be damned but to me it ain't worth it for squishy mages they just die without additional support.
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User Info: emagdnE

4 weeks ago#24

It won't matter in February anyway.
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User Info: Mephantom

4 weeks ago#25
I don't see any reason to not merge. You can get her at 4*, nothing particularly great for fodder either.

User Info: Steamroll

4 weeks ago#26
Mephantom posted...
I don't see any reason to not merge. You can get her at 4*, nothing particularly great for fodder either.

I would consider drive speed good fodder but yeah she is somewhat common at least.

User Info: BigBlackMammary

4 weeks ago#27
RMysterio posted...
Not planning on merging her either.

Ascended Swordmaster posted...
TC said he's not merging.

So it seems like TC says he's not merging. Wonder what kind of advice he'll get?
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User Info: Prost

4 weeks ago#28
She gets 52 bulk with -def, and 56 if not -def.

That's actually a critical difference weather she can take a hit from melee unit or not.
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