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  3. +spd -def or +spd -res Tailtiu?

User Info: RMysterio

4 weeks ago#1
I have 2 5* Tailtiu with those IVs. Who is better? One will be used and the other will be fodder.

Not planning on merging her either.
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User Info: Steamroll

4 weeks ago#2
Choose -def.

User Info: Pickley-

4 weeks ago#3
arguably +spd -res so there’s a chance she can survive DC units

User Info: EmpressA3

4 weeks ago#4
I would go with -def
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User Info: km25

4 weeks ago#5
Both are good IVs, but I would choose +spd/-res. Her magical bulk is fine even with the bane, due to her good HP, and the she needs a little bit of def to tank a hit from a dragon or a blue/red armor before entering desperation range. The def superbane hurts.

User Info: Executor15

4 weeks ago#6
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User Info: Armor_Key

4 weeks ago#7
Personally, I would still pick -Res, so you can more reliably initiate on DC units.
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User Info: NovaWill

4 weeks ago#8

Use Odin for Barblade+.

User Info: Kuna

4 weeks ago#9
NovaWill posted...

Use Odin for Barblade+.

Tailtiu default vanilla weapon is .... ?! Barblade+

Now I can finally see why the forum is a pain.

User Info: Kuna

4 weeks ago#10
-def. Mages cannot tank physical damage moslty. Only WTharja is an exception. And if you wont use her with CD the anwer is obvious.
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