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User Info: RandomAc1206

4 weeks ago#1
I have a +Atk/-Res Leanne. I’m happy I got her, Nailah, and Tibarn! I don’t think I’ll be pulling for more for a better IV though, so unless I randomly luck out down the road and get lucky pulling a Leanne as a future colorless pitybreaker, this is it for me. (I was assuming someone would chime in about the new merge update, which I understand.) 31 Res is just a bummer for someone who was meant to be a mage-soaker haha.

Contrary to what most people say, I love building my Refreshers to be combat-ready while also maintaining their supportive roles.

Here’s what I was thinking for her...let me know thoughts and opinions!

Heron Wing
Death Blow 3 or Swift Sparrow 2
Chill Def 3
Hone Beasts
*seal flexible, probably Atk+3 or Res+3??*
FEH FC: 6904832321 (W!Eirika)

User Info: FinstererDrache

4 weeks ago#2
I got Leanne with HP+/Res-, but she is th only Beast I got apart from Naesala, so thought of using her in Tactics Team, so use Atk Tactics on C. Chill Def or Chill Atk on B. But think Enemy Phase Skills are better for A, so she can Sing in her turn and fight in Enemy turn. Simple keep Mirror Stance to make her a better Dragonkiller or Sturdy Stance 2/ Steady Stance 4 to help fixing her bad Def, with Close Def she reaches 30 Def with Steady Stance 4 in Enemy Turn and gets Guard as well. Sturdy Stance gives her only 26 Def, but gives her the +4 Atk like Mirror Stance. Or simple use Close Def on A as well, no increased Atk but 28 Def and 43 Res.

If you dont want to use Close Def Seal, I think you should use Mirror Stance and keep Leanne away from physical Units.
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