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  3. What level of fanservice are you most ok with?

User Info: rrobin

2 months ago#1
For anything, not just FE. Assume the main cast consists of adults... no lolis or children to be considered in this matter/they're not even remotely sexualized if they do exist - Results (371 votes)
I love lotsa lotsa fanservice! (Along the lines of Fairy Tail where there's big tiddy girls and skimpy outfits everywher
22.64% (84 votes)
A good amount of fanservice is always nice.
14.82% (55 votes)
I can appreciate a fair amount of fanservice, but I will find myself distasteful toward an excessive amount.
34.77% (129 votes)
Just a tiny bit is ok. That's enough.
7.55% (28 votes)
Don't care. Booty don't faze me!
6.2% (23 votes)
I'm leaning towards the negative side... I can stand a minimal amount, but I'll be pretty mad if it gets too excessive.
9.7% (36 votes)
I very rarely tolerate fanservice unless it's my favorite character(s)/etc.
0.54% (2 votes)
No fanservice at all. Zero. It ruins everything. Cover up 'em f***ing shoulders, ladies. (Joking, but you get the idea.)
3.77% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Scientific poll. Hoping to draw reasonable conclusions for various projects, and maybe get a better understanding of how the community generally responds to fanservice-y characters/alts
For anyone that doesn't know what Fairy Tail is, this is essentially it:
Edit: s***, made a typo in one of the results. I'm literate, I swear!
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User Info: DreadKaiser

2 months ago#2
I don't mind it if it's done tastefully

upping cup sizes when a character gets their art updated like Karla? fine
sexy posing? that's fine

Winter Tharja? where it was clearly the ONLY point? too much

Fanservice doesn't have to be showing more skin after all
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User Info: BloodMoon7

2 months ago#3
I don't really care.
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User Info: BipBapBam

2 months ago#4
Love it~
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User Info: Aloner

2 months ago#5
I'm fine with fanservice but would prefer for a character to not exist purely for the sake of it like Camilla and to not dress like a stripper like Charlotte. Basically just don't make it cringey.
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User Info: RavingSwoobat

2 months ago#6
I don't mind fan service, but a 'generous' leaning towards essentially nude for no good reason is distasteful for me. Especially so, if said character is 'embarrassed' to be wearing what they are wearing. If you do skimpy, have the character be confident in it. That's one of my biggest peeves in fan service tropes.

Also, not a fan of oversized assets everywhere. Too much is too much, and ruins the appeal.

User Info: Deej

2 months ago#7
Somewhere between "Don't care" and "Appreciate a fair amount", I guess. I have no qualms with tiddies.
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User Info: Dysias6

2 months ago#8
I like it unless it becomes super fake, like plastic surgery L!Azura.

User Info: Liquid_King

2 months ago#9
I don't know what fairytail is but in regards to fanservice:

King Harkinian deserves his own game.

User Info: RavingSwoobat

2 months ago#10
Dysias6 posted...
I like it unless it becomes super fake, like plastic surgery L!Azura.

Hey! Leave L!Azura alone! D:
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  3. What level of fanservice are you most ok with?
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