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User Info: RenamonFOX

3 months ago#11
ViewtifulGene posted...
At least I can still use my +10s for combat in Raids.

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User Info: Technickal1

3 months ago#12
Arena was already a pretty flawed mode before the bonus kills were added; blessings all but took out a large portion of what made AR fun in one fell swoop.
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User Info: SilverArrows8

3 months ago#13
AR I guess.

Bonus kills actually makes Arena much more fun IMO, especially when using +0 bonus unit to stay in T21.
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User Info: Dysias6

3 months ago#14
Arena is literally one bonus unit needing to bait and kill the entire enemy team with 3 support allies to help them, and that's only if the player has spent enough crests to find a high scoring team to beat.

AR is using various units as a team to take out other player based teams and maps. Bonus units just have to be present, and can fill whatever role players give them. Players don't have to fish for matches and can switch between 5 teams, but have to deal with whatever they come across.

Arena sucks balls by a mile.

User Info: Ramesses2

3 months ago#15
Arena. AR is crappy in that either you use blessed units or it's impossible to reach the higher tiers, but it doesn't force the units you actually like to be cheerleaders for the "proper" units.

User Info: Supsegar

3 months ago#16
Arena is only for additional feathers (and crown which is useless)

Aether... Too damn good

User Info: SittinGamer

3 months ago#17
Dark Young Link posted...
AR blessings are s***ty, but I can mostly play the way I want.

Arena Bonus says "Nope, you HAVE to play this particular way to lose points. f*** you and your well rounded team.

Said bonuses are the reason I stopped caring about arena. To the point I've actually skipped weeks.
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User Info: The UnLucky Cat

The UnLucky Cat
3 months ago#18

Blessing bonuses were a long time thing in Arena, merges were already a long time thing, on top of BST scoring. It was already garbage. Babysitting was just one s***ty thing in a pile of manure. Sure, it sucks to get all four bonus kills, but you could still get some of the points without really going out of your way to get it.

Mythicals hit all at once. Not only does it restrict your team in the same way as requiring legendaries did for blessings (which not only boost stats, but also directly boost scores), but it also adds merge based scoring at the same time. It literally turned it into Arena 1.5, when its entire claim to fame was being the complete opposite of Arena.

It's also not just a minor difference, either. You're getting almost twice as many total points by completely changing your team composition to accommodate for blessings. If you only try for the bare minimum impact by swapping in the one mythical (and bless your whole team), then you get less than half the bonus. Blessings and bonus kills in Arena give 2 or 3 points each, on top of 700+ per run. That's peanuts compared to +90 on top of 100 base, or +40 available to f2p (which isn't even achievable yet, the max is only +10).

That's f***ed.
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User Info: vuviper

3 months ago#19
Dark Young Link posted...

Arena Bonus says "Nope, you HAVE to play this particular way to lose points. f*** you and your well rounded team.

You can still forgo bonus kills, you'll fall a little behind, but same with not having multiple Mythics (honestly probably fall behind even more. 1 Eir vs 2 Eir is a whole tier difference in points).
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