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  3. Could your favorite FE character survive an attack from Hel?

User Info: RedSpiderLily

3 months ago#11
We kill skeletons all the time tho in FE games?

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

3 months ago#12
Black Knight is probably the strongest non-final boss in FE history. By FEH standards he can probably take Hel unless she's blue, and even then he can probably take her thanks to Bold Fighter Steady Breath Black Luna shenanigans. Outside of FEH, Black Luna is waaaaaay stronger than it is in this game (x5 damage and ignore defense) and he has Nihil, auto-healing, and tier 3 class stats. Pretty sure besides Ike (the canonical strongest FE lord), only one of the Laguz Royals like Tibarn, or something busted like Corrin paired up with someone can take him. If you take Muspellflame and BK Armor Blessing out of the equation, BK can easily take Surtr, considering the latter was taken down by Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, and Fjorm.
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User Info: TedConway

3 months ago#13
Hector definitely can.
Gregor? Dunno.
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User Info: AvantgardeAClue

3 months ago#14
F. Grima would just laugh them off and call them worms as she's stepping on me simultaneously

F. Celica might have a hard time of it though.
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User Info: Deej

3 months ago#15
Palla is already dead inside after the refinery update. What is dead may never die.
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User Info: BloodMoon7

3 months ago#16
A lot of you have OP favorites.
Surtr is a wuss
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