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  3. 50 res + 50 def units. my new favorites

User Info: CChhaaooss

3 months ago#1
with surtr release I found my self reworking units to get the 50 res / 50 def combo threshold. What are ones you have thought of w/ 50 res/50 def? Keep in mind consider +10 merge for them

So far I have/want:

IV: -spd/+atk (doesn't matter for him)
Weapon: Sack o' gifts+ (with +4res refine)
Special: Aether
Skill A: Fortress def/res 3
Skill B: vengeful fighter 3
Skill C: surter's menace (if it activates and target attacks, then I can get up to stat diff of 8 which kind of means +8 to stats which gives me 60/60 def/res with summoner support)
S.Seal: +3 res
Summoner support:
Overall stats: Hp 59, Atk 59, Spd 17, Def 50, Res 50.
Comments: my most powerful unit, sack o' gifts is very useful giving + 2 to res/def on enemy phase. Even red units are not a threat to surtr

2- Halloween Myrrh
IV: + atk / - spd
Weapon: Lightning breath+ (+4 res refine)
Special: aether
Skill A: Fortress def/res 3
Skill B: vengeful fighter 3
Skill C: ward armor
S.Seal: fortress res 3
Summoner support:
Overall stats: Hp 55, Atk 52, Spd 24, Def 50, Res 51.
Comments: Not as durable as surtr, can be good, struggles with blue units

3- Halloween Jakob
IV: + atk / - spd
Weapon: Guard bow+ (+3 def refine)
Special: aether
Skill A: Fortress def/res 3
Skill B: vengeful fighter 3
Skill C: ward armor
S.Seal: atk/def 2
Summoner support: Yes, not able to get 50 def/ res without it
Overall stats: Hp 52, Atk 56, Spd 26, Def 50, Res 44.
Comments: Colorless 50/50 although not really 50 res vs dragons. Most impressed w/ unit.

Some other unit come close (winter lissa with SS or if we ever get the def/res 2 sacred seal)

Can you come up with any?

User Info: Eldin

3 months ago#2
I only have one thing to say to this thread

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User Info: BKmk2

3 months ago#3
Not high enough 'effective' tankiness. You need a way to deny specials because Lunas and every moonbow that slip through f*** you up. These things are what actually damage armors through ward cubes.

Again, it depends on the map. If the enemy specials are inconsequential for the most part, then feel free to stick to vengeful

Lots of whales slap SF3 + atk smoke 3 since it lets you tank multiple mobs safely and retaliate with aether from pretty much the second engagement

Nevertheless, i'd say base 50/50 defences is a good benchmark. From there onwards, it's easy to stack up further buffs from teammates and seals to receive 0 damage from even WTD

Take it from a guy who cleared all abyssals full armor only
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User Info: ReinhardtPence

3 months ago#4

User Info: iGouger

3 months ago#5
I run Hacko Lantern + QR3 in the B slot on my Helblindi and even though his defenses are just in the high 30s, the guard effect is really helpful. Numbers are nice but they aren't everything.

User Info: UnownGamer

3 months ago#6
I have a Henry that reaches 50 visible Def/Res when buffed.
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User Info: emagdnE

3 months ago#7
Talking about 50/50+ defenses and not mentioning the original, and still best enemy phase tank in the game?

+Def -Spd
Fortress Def/Res
Special Fighter (or Vengeful Fighter if you're sure Null Follow-Up won't be a factor)
Ward Armor
Close/Distant Def 3

39/32 base
+6 from FDR.
Another +6 from CD/DD seal, for a total of +12 Def/Res depending on attack.
+12 Def/Res from Ward Cube.
+3 Def and/or Res from allies using Drive Def or Drive Res seals.
+2 Ally Support.

62/68 Def and 55/61 Res.

62 Def = 49 Ignis procs.
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