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  3. Would you dew this unit's weapon? Day 2: Anna.

User Info: KageNoSenshi

3 months ago#11
Spd refine ftw
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User Info: Dalthine

3 months ago#12
Maybe one day, but like other people here, if I do it then she's getting the speed refine rather than unique. Unique is only good for getting surprise in arena or something.

It's not medium or never, hers is low priority.

User Info: akaean

3 months ago#13
I like Anna's signature refine honestly. It opens up some pretty solid support options up for her. I typically run her with Spurs or Drives of some sort and a Repositioning skill of some sort like Reposition or Draw Back, or sometimes a Rally.

The increased flexibility offered by her teleporting helps her get into position to support her allies, and she isn't a terrible fighter, at least if she can double. Her inability to merge, and her low BST in a power creeped end of Y2 word mean she can often struggle to score doubles against much of the field. But, I still enjoy using her and her Fury + Desperation teleporty build is still genuinely fun to use.

The game really needs a consumable item- that brings characters up to the current stat total, or at least the previous years stat totals- in some pre determined way (because obviously we can't let players decide because we are dicks and would just jack speed and attack... ha- for instance Reinhardt's boost could just give him a few more HPs, speed, and defenses to avoid breaking him further because a player would just go LOL5MOREATTACKLOL). Its best for the long term health of the game the wider and more diverse the cast of useable characters is.
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User Info: I_Abibde

3 months ago#14
I did this, but ... it does not do much for me.

Anna needs a strong alt.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

3 months ago#15
She prefers Slaying Hammer.

User Info: Enclosure

3 months ago#16
She could use a straight up ATK stat for her refine better. No amount of teleportation helps if all you can do after is repo someone with a better ATK.

User Info: futuresight23

3 months ago#17
Teleporting is fun, but it doesn't give her additional combat strength which she really needs. I ended up giving her a Slaying Hammer instead for the armor killing utility.

User Info: _Spectral_

3 months ago#18
Slaying Lance+ (Spd) from before the Refine
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User Info: Concession

3 months ago#19
What a massive disappointment this was...despite liking Anna a lot I can't bring myself to refine this...thing.
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User Info: catchthemouser

3 months ago#20
Slaying Hammer or Wo Gun would be better since her combat prowess is lacking. Personally I'm waiting for Firesweep Axe.
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