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  3. Who is the worst free unit we've had so far from TT and GHBs?

User Info: Suzardo

3 months ago#1
In terms of fodder, gameplay, likeability etc - Results (209 votes)
F Robin
5.74% (12 votes)
5.74% (12 votes)
1.91% (4 votes)
27.75% (58 votes)
7.66% (16 votes)
29.19% (61 votes)
8.61% (18 votes)
11.48% (24 votes)
Some other poor sap I forgot to include. Please mention below!
1.91% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Had to make this pole before Navarre and F Robin get their refines!

F Robin: Only B tome breaker fodder at least? Overall a mediocre mage whose only claim to fame is killing Reinhardt and B Lyn. IF you have the fodder to spare.
Navarre: Poor guy. No pref and mediocre attack, but at least he gives desperation 2 and threaten speed if you are desperate.
Berkut: Got cucked by heroes. Not useful for fodder unless you plan on using his lance, which I haven't found an interest in yet.
Canas: Raigh 2.0 aka bad. But he does give Res Tactic, Owl Tome, and dat monacle...
Tobin: Don't count Tobin out! Basically just a unit used for AA, which is not bad actually, but the bar doesn't get higher from there.
Clive: Same as Tobin but more for swords.
Oliver: No pref and terrible speed. Can ploy at least?
Clarisse: Mediocre bow unit already outclassed by Jamke as a free unit. Her bow is interesting, but it's not worth using her with it.

Overall, I got to give it to Clarisse. Her fodder is bad, and it's much more efficient to promote a good iv bow unit over her. Her art isn't that great either.
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User Info: BipBapBam

3 months ago#2
Clive is trash.
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User Info: RenamonFOX

3 months ago#3
YEAH! Clarisse has some terrible fodder!

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User Info: blasster

3 months ago#4
Clarisse is worst usable unit imo

In case people gonna point out she still has some good fodders blabla.

Ofc M.Marth is auto worst if you wanna consider fodder potential.
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User Info: Poison-puffs

3 months ago#5
Clive, terrible fodder he’s built like a tank but fails.
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User Info: TheCaptureX

3 months ago#6
Should have waited a few days to see what F!Robin's and Navarre's prfs did before you made this poll.
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User Info: The UnLucky Cat

The UnLucky Cat
3 months ago#7
Clive fed my whole flying team Hit & Run, he can't be the worst.
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User Info: Arthaiin

3 months ago#8
Female Robin has a very real place in today's Aether Raids with so much horse cancer making a return. I'd argue she's now one of the MOST useful GHB units you can get. I watched her tank hits from Veronica, Reinhardt and Brave Lyn in the same round, while killing the latter two on her own. Required some support, true, but she managed and there are very few units that can manage that.
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User Info: Renkencen

3 months ago#9
Canas for bias reasons.

He was one of my favourite character in that game and he was a good unit and FeH made him uber trash??!!

The only redeemable quality is for his owltome fodder but I WANT to used him and I'm not the type to 10+ and give a tons of skills to be useable!

User Info: generic_user123

3 months ago#10
The mages can all run useable "tome breaker" + TA3 + Raventome sets.

Tobin can put good work in AA teams thanks to his bulk and armorslayer.

Clive can be a buffer for third and fourth horse teams.

Clarisse is legit garbage and requires heavy investment to still be unuseable.
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