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User Info: Crusher063

4 months ago#71
Sad to see you go, man, but I get it. I’ll miss playing GC with your units. You were always cool and level headed on the boards of, which is a rare thing indeed.

Take care.
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User Info: Lylat_Cruiser

4 months ago#73
This is the end for you, my master. - Anakin to Obi wan
"I'm respecting your privacy by knocking but asserting my authority by coming in anyway!"

User Info: aimingdevice

4 months ago#74

It was enjoyable as well using Seth and Jeorge in GC.

I wouldn't say I was too level headed - Let's just say I tried to avoid conflict as much as possible considering all the controversy that arises from I$'s direction on the game.

Nevertheless, although quite extreme on what I did to cut myself from the game considering how much time and money I invested in it in nearly 2 yrs, I feel it was the correct decision in my case. It sort of feels liberating not having to worry about the game considering how much I pushed myself especially in the past few months to play at a high level without spending as freely I was doing prior to Christmas last year. I wish you luck and enjoyment on the game if you continue to play.
For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. -Sun Tzu

User Info: cardboardbox84

4 months ago#75
aimingdevice posted...
@BKmk2 - believe me that if I could unlink it from my Nintendo Account I would have given it for free. Don't think I$ would allow it no matter what excuse I could come up with.

You could've linked it to another fake nintendo account and given it away/sold it.

User Info: Zaigou

4 months ago#76
Take care TC.

Can't say I blame the guy. I share his sentiment that the game has become a chore to play through. The new AR mode only manages to ever set me up with +10 bloody units with premium foddered skills that I sometimes wonder "What's the point anymore". I do my dailies, shift between Tier 17 and 18 to hoard my Orbs and continue on but it's not fun at all. The quests are the same damn thing over and over, while the events are always either TT, VG, GC or Tap Battle.

Only reason I remain playing is because I want to see them add Altena at some point (also Legendary Camilla and Norh Noble Corrins). That's really all that keeps me logging in every day...and because I sometimes need a small distraction from FGO. A bit frightening gacha rates aside, FGO's events always come with nice goodies, sometimes even great Servants to help you out and the developers take the time to make sure even the old, neglected Servants get love. Sure, it's a gacha game designed to kill your wallet like any other but at least it remains fun.
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