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User Info: HirosakiShadow

2 months ago#1
Oh man. It's a riot to watch defense replays.

The ones I lose are informative and surprising.

My first loss was because I didn't quite get the setup process at first. An SS themed team steamrolled right through me. My second loss was when my whole team got wrecked by a +3 blarowl equipped, close counter, quick riposte, original male robin boosted by a level 3 fortress and buffs. He had 58 atk, 47 def, and 34 res. I didn't even need to play the replay to know what happened, but my ai just threw themselves at him like idiots.

On the other hand, the ones I've won have been an absolute hoot.

I am running a pure cancer team as I have no shame. Reinhardt, Bowlyn, Axezura, Ninian. The dancers have fully upgraded def and res tactic seals and the cavalry have hone atk.

Some of them were just comically inept. One guy stepped on my bolt trap, his whole team suffered 20 damage, and the video just ended-presumably because he quit.

Others just felt the pain of a fully buffed Reinhardt and dancers.

It makes me feel slightly bad to watch unprepared people try to beat Reinhardt and dancers. On the other hand, they can see the team before going into the match, so...better luck next time.

Share your stories.
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User Info: Kuna

2 months ago#2
My story is that 3 of 4 are unplayable. I dont know why but mayby an opponent conceded in some way? I rate this as a BIG bug which is very bad for this mode.

The second i dont undestand that one of those 3 has a revenge win which I did not make as well as is unplayable too.

User Info: YukiWTG

2 months ago#3
So far only two losses on my end as far as defense results go, both mostly because the AI is somehow intensely stupid when the enemy fields Aversa. Go figure.
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User Info: Raltrios

2 months ago#4
Nothing interesting on mine. Just three battles, all losses.
One from before I even had anything set up - that said, his units were underleveled so my idiot AIs were still able to kill one.
The other two were informative, showing me how people were picking off my buildings with ranged attackers before starting bait tactics. Both of them had a green mage to bait my pre-charged Ishtar, too. I've moved stuff around to accommodate for these two details, but I haven't had any defense battles since then.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

2 months ago#5
Zero results on my end.

User Info: Steamroll

2 months ago#6
Tbh I still have more losses, 5 wins so far as much as I'd like to see guys go through the end on those wins, all those guys ejected when they lost that 1 unit.
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User Info: Buster-Blader

2 months ago#7
Roy and Friends VS. Series:

User Info: Laughingman_S

2 months ago#8
Got about 6 battles on my end, all losses. I didn't have much time to explore the mode this morning, so all I did was throw together a Def team and leave it be. I didn't lose any lift, so it doesn't matter too much. I'll take a look at the replays later on, and change my team up.
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User Info: A-Omega16

2 months ago#9
My first defense was a loss and looking at my defense team it wasn’t even the one I locked in... it was my Team 1 I think so idk what happened there

Then I rematched him and crushed him ofc
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User Info: Rhysaen

2 months ago#10
Buster-Blader posted...

This Wo Dao+/Bold Fighter/Ostian Pulsed Zelgius is nasty. Those two were probably not expecting the Armored Boots to trigger.
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