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User Info: catchthemouser

2 months ago#1
Wanted a chance at prettyboy Corrin, got 4* Lukas. Sigh.
#1 Nils fan on the FEH Board.
Orbs saved to +10 him as of Oct 26: 207

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

2 months ago#2
250+ orbs for a -ATK Leif.

Feeling pretty devastated. None of the 3 A.Tiki's I got were -SPD either. Also 0 Hinatas.
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User Info: BasementDude

2 months ago#3
number of e-huggies received today: 5
total e-huggies received: 1,084,040,013,663,567,025

User Info: kirbserker

2 months ago#4
Life and Death. Saves me 20k feathers in the future
Paper is overpowered, but scissors is fine.
-Rock (RenamonFOX)

User Info: Wilfric

2 months ago#5
No blues so pulled colorless.

3* Matthew.

FINALLY! +9 now. So close to being done with my first +10.
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User Info: RavingSwoobat

2 months ago#6
Got 4* Athena on my free. I also have a 4.0 pity right now.... Silly me for thinking getting one would be painless.

Update: Got pitybroken by Sanaki, Saber, and B!Roy.... mostly upset about Sankai, have 3 of her untrained because I have better red mages. I already had the other 2 reds as well, so they are of little boon to me.

Did get F!Corrin, however. She was my third wanted, so there's that. No M!Corrin and Camilla for me I guess.

User Info: KamiUsagi

2 months ago#7
3* Cecilia
FC: 1221- 0720- 5488
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User Info: Raltrios

2 months ago#8
One green, it was the herald of bad luck himself, 4* Arthur. Took it as a bad sign, but opened another session anyway.

...It wasn't bad luck at all! The one green orb had F.Corrin! So she only cost me 5 orbs. A somewhat unfortunate IV of +Def -Res, so I got her superbane. But it could be worse, so I'm happy~

...But it didn't end there! Another 4 orbs and I got Puremilla! A decidedly negative IV of +Def -HP, so I got her worst boon. But again, at least she's not -Atk or something.
Look! Look how beautiful the session was! ...And then I ruined it by opening the rest.


Still, very pleased by this. Only spent 20 orbs and I got the two I wanted most. Maybe I can convince myself to save for Christmas now.
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User Info: Legend_of_Zelia

2 months ago#9
Mine was Mikoto~

User Info: blasster

2 months ago#10
75 orbs.

Pitybroken by f***ing Sothe.

Cry only.
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