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  3. How often have you suffered DIRECTLY from power creep?

User Info: TheLastSmile

2 months ago#1
By directly, i mean besides 'oh my +10 OG Hector isn't as good as a +10vHector in many scenarios'

After realizing that it's usually just a matter of BST and Score that causes the most grief in Arena, I decided that FeH powercreep really isn't that bad.

Blue LTiki+10 still dies to my goaded Red Atiki+10, or my desperation FGrima so f***it. LMarth is a joke.

Yes base kit Karla can kill my winter Tharja, but keeping that in mind after one such occasion, I just used a blue and some strategy etc.

Basically if you get the newest best unit and whale/use hoarded orbs until they are +10, what get is temporary easy mode for awhile.

But it really doesn't diminish the gaming experience to not have a +10 Brave Hector or HMyrrh.

Ultimately as new skills come out and other updates unfold, older units become more relevant and the amount of strategy increases.

The game is doing fine, we just should get more orbs and playable content.
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User Info: Dysias6

2 months ago#2

User Info: StellaLunaris

2 months ago#3
Ended up getting a perfect IV Elise as an off-pull...

...a few days before CYL2.
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User Info: madninja1

2 months ago#4
Sometimes the powercreep is just insane though. My res refined +10 Fae can't bait LTiki thanks to that divine breath, in fact, most of my green units can't because they have pitiful resistance. I have to rely on 1 shotting her with Hammer in AA. The same can be said about H!Myrrh and her insane defense that means she can survive and annahilate in return most non Slaying Spear users.
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User Info: KawaiiTakumi

2 months ago#5
I merged my second og hector :(
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User Info: Arthaiin

2 months ago#6

My +10 Selena can still tank and kill every single unit in the game with 2 exceptions, Legendary Hector and Sword Breakers.
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User Info: digitalstarry

2 months ago#7
I spent a lot of orbs chasing OG Ike and don’t even use him because his Legendary form is just plain better
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User Info: DreadKaiser

2 months ago#8
Young Tiki has only gotten more viable
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User Info: SugarFlakes

2 months ago#9
I haven't yet honestly.
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User Info: HereToHelp

2 months ago#10
If weapons count, then I suffered that case with Cherche.

I gave her a Brave Axe+ a long time ago, only for her to get the same thing with her personal weapon, but stronger, later on lol.
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  3. How often have you suffered DIRECTLY from power creep?
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