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  3. Are you pleased with the update? Will this keep you playing?

User Info: TheLastSmile

4 months ago#1
Yes or no? Explain what you think if you are upset for whatever reason.
Yes it's me.

User Info: HirosakiShadow

4 months ago#2
I'm not super pleased.

Being able to get more ghb/tt merges is nice-pending how tightly kept those grails turn out to be...

But there's still a lot wrong with what I$ chooses to do. The way they manage the game makes it so that nice things feel underwhelming in the face of the much larger pile of problems.

The fact that the new aether mode utilizes not one but two different type of bonus condition factors is a pretty big disappointment. Nobody wants that trash.
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User Info: Volo

4 months ago#3
Yep, the new mode looks really fun at first glance and hopefully it really is. Many people wanted to be able to +10 ghb units and they got their wish which is very cool! The grind will be pretty ridicilous though from the looks of it.

User Info: DreadKaiser

4 months ago#4
extremely, and wouldn't have stopped anyway
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User Info: ratbaby

4 months ago#5
it's okay! I wasn't planning on quitting anytime soon no matter what, though.

if I don't at least pull for winter robin I'll die instantly, you see.
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User Info: Frenzify

4 months ago#6
I don't know if it'll keep me playing, but I'll at the very least check it out.
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User Info: AsterixKing

4 months ago#7
New mode COULD be neat.
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User Info: Azardea

4 months ago#9
Well, it certainly didn't make the game worse at least!

User Info: IndianaJones65

4 months ago#10
i have not spent and will not spend a dime on this game so i'll play it as long as the servers are operational

or they make some sort of gamebreaking update

new content is a wash though
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  3. Are you pleased with the update? Will this keep you playing?
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