Did Lloyd just dethrone Narcian for easiest Abyssal GHB?

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  3. Did Lloyd just dethrone Narcian for easiest Abyssal GHB?

User Info: BipBapBam

1 week ago#1
These clowns lol - Results (78 votes)
Yeah, first try. Joke map.
43.59% (34 votes)
No, Narcian is still easier.
42.31% (33 votes)
I'm bad and can't clear either of them.
14.1% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
First try etc etc. Really feels like none of these maps took into account flying teams.

Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all.

User Info: Benzie

1 week ago#2
Yep. Huge joke map.


User Info: Zinie95

1 week ago#3
Nah Narcian is still easier

User Info: VivaChiba

1 week ago#4
Is it only "easy" with flying bladetomes and Airzura?

User Info: DoubleDragon

1 week ago#5
Abyssal Clears W/Nowi, Hana, Cecilia

User Info: tentarafoo

1 week ago#6
Definitely. I just mindlessly threw in my units and everyone was gone.
You're my tear.

User Info: SilverArrows8

1 week ago#7
Honestly all Abyssal GHBs are pretty easy so far bar Ursula with my braindead abyssal team of WT Olwen + dancers.

Ursula was the only one one I didn't clear on first try, even then it's still mindless once I give in using WoM on one of the dancers so yeah.

You're welcome.

User Info: LorenzoV

1 week ago#8
Yep, first try with Lilina, Myrrh, Axura and Veronica.
Dana is best girl ~

User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
1 week ago#9
Pretty easy for me. Celica and a trio of dancers is all I needed to clear the map. Only catch is that PA!Azura was one of the dancers, and she was necessary to kill the lance flier.
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User Info: Buster-Blader

1 week ago#10

Roy and Friends obliterated Abyssal yet again.
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  3. Did Lloyd just dethrone Narcian for easiest Abyssal GHB?

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