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  3. How did you clear Ursula's Abyssal map?

User Info: BipBapBam

4 months ago#1
I used Horse Emblem. This one was slightly harder than the last few and took a couple of tries, but still nothing compared to the Legendary Hero ones tbh.

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User Info: Silly_One

4 months ago#2
Oh, that's simple. I didn't.
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User Info: Shugo702

4 months ago#3
Was a tough one.

Axura, H! Jakob, M! Grima and B! Hector

Grima annihilated the caster cavalry, dagger and axe, Hector the bottom dagger, sword and finished off the green cav. Jakob was a cheerleader with ward cav and poked the axe which was the final unit to drop.

User Info: Buster-Blader

4 months ago#4
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User Info: MrPibbs11

4 months ago#6
Silly_One posted...
Oh, that's simple. I didn't.
I'll do far more than that. I'll provide you with a sorry end to your messy life.
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User Info: grantholomew

4 months ago#7
Messed around with team comp but finally beat it with my +10 Tiki, +10 Deirdre, Flying Olivia, and Priscilla (with Distant Guard). I had to give Deirdre Triangle Adept so she could do more damage to Ursula. I moved Tiki into the range of the bottom thief, and Deirdre (boosted by Olivia) into the range of the mages. She hardly damaged the green mage, who was then drawn back by the sword cavalry and then Ursula came in and almost dies. Deirdre finishes her off the next turn and then Tiki repositions her out of the way and just clears out the rest. Definitely harder than the last few.
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User Info: Laughingman_S

4 months ago#8
I cleared it with the same team I used for Robin yesterday.

Sheena+10, Veronica, Flyzura, PAzura.

Sheena tanks all the things. Veronica provides buffs, debuffs, and Close Guard. Flyzura and PAzura are there for more drive buffs, and to give Veronica more actions. With this setup, Veronica can debuff enemies coming in from different directions, and get out of range safely. Sheena takes bugger-all damage, and takes down the enemies with Aether procs.
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User Info: Davidisaster

4 months ago#9
Was tough as expected. I used my Armor squad, Draug, Effie, MGrima, Lector. Had to change MGrima to VF LB+ with CD3, and Lector to DD3 so the two of them can kill the mounted mages (and therefore avoid proccing the Green Armor’s WoM). MGrima killed the ninja at the bottom without sustaining damage. Removed DC from both Effie and Draug so they can eat hits from the ninja at the top without proccing its Escape Route. Effie was BF, weapon didn’t matter since the Red Cav and Ninja died to two hits regardless. Green Armor died to Draug’s Armorsmasher.

I didn’t even bother with Flier Emblem, felt the lack of space would get me killed. Took me multiple tries to beat this one, but felt manageable once I knew how to battle the choke point. I like this map, wonder if this will be the most difficult of this batch of Abyssal GHBs.

User Info: RedSpiderLily

4 months ago#10
Silly_One posted...
Oh, that's simple. I didn't.
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