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  3. Who do you want the most of the Muspell units!!

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

5 months ago#21
Laegjarn for sure. For one, my options for red fliers is really FREAKING PATHETIC (like, my +HP/-Res H.Nowi, and that's it. My Palla doesn't even have a 5* weapon and my Caeda is -Atk. :( ).

Also, I like Wyvern Riders, and she happens to be one, so yeah, that doesn't hurt. lol
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User Info: SchlagerGeist

5 months ago#22
Laegjarn is the first character who I've felt compelled to whale to +10. Wouldn't mind Laevatein if I got her though so red is the color to snipe.

User Info: pokemon-fan

5 months ago#23
laegjarn, she's been one of my most wanted units since she was revealed as an enemy

User Info: Fornaeus

5 months ago#24
JCoconut posted...
Laevatein no contest.

Laegjarn is boring

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User Info: Spiega

5 months ago#25
Yay! Laegjarn is winning! ;3
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User Info: Ben111

5 months ago#26
Leavayien’s weapon is super op and unqie as a physical unit. Also has the best design out of the three imo. Helbindi would be best for fodder though to give axzura 170 bst
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User Info: makenasjames

5 months ago#27
Lash Karen or laevatainn would be great!

User Info: rpgguy999

5 months ago#28

But i won't complain if I get Laeg instead.
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User Info: Nazdrovie

5 months ago#29
Laevattein, to see how much damage a fully blade-buffed Astra proc could deal.
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User Info: OrderedComa

5 months ago#30
No option for all them? I did manage to pull them all (actually got Helbindi several times), but if I could have only picked one, it would have been either Laegjarn or Laevatein...I probably would have picked Laevatein though if I only could have been guaranteed one unit for sure. Both because I really liked her, and because she has the Bladeblade...which is absolutely god-tier, even though I wound up getting a -hp Laevatein, I've been quite happy with how she performs. Once she gets her buffs girl is just an absolute monster. The Muspell all sync together quite nicely, and throwing in L!Marth to get the most out of the fire blessings I gave them all, the team does a pretty great job totally wrecking the enemy.
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