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User Info: Ganglari

5 months ago#1
How did anyone think the conclusion to Book II was in anyway acceptable? I know the plot has not been historically the best, but it was something at least, but this chapter felt like a dry orgasm after months of blue balls.

Let’s begin with the pointless deaths shall we? There was no reason to kill Laegjarn, who was one of the best and most conflicted characters they’ve ever done. It added nothing to Laevaeteinn’s boring ass character, was contrived from a story perspective since the Rite of Flames adds nothing to Surtr’s power and as Laevaeteinn shows it can just be cancelled, and only served to add fake drama to the plot; there was so much they could have done with an allied Laegjarn, but they just killed her off for fun. Helbindi was more deserved because his plot relevance was over, but again it added nothing to Surtr’s characterisation and was just so pointless; it just feels like a cheap way of writing him out of the story. Even something cheap like Ryoma’s death in Fates added to Corrin’s inner turmoil, showed Garon as unreedemable and was actually emotionally impactful.

There seems to be a supreme lack of characterisation all around. Veronica barely reacts to being nearly killed. When Alfonse meets Zacharias, a man who he’s been searching for for god knows how long as was the entire point of Book I, he just turns around and says “oh ok ttyl I guess”. Seriously? Sharena is just pointless now, but even worse are the actual banner units, who have literally no dialogue the whole chapter. Fjorm’s arc is left unresolved, and she barely reacts to the fact that their revenge is now complete, and Hrid and Ylgr don’t seem to notice Guunthra IS DEAD. Surtr is just a saturday morning villain as always. Wouldn’t it be so much more interesting to see how his citizens react to his rule, or maybe more motivation than “durr I’m a bad guy destroy destroy destroy”? At least Garon had some explanation for his actions.

Presentation is lazy as well. They couldn’t even be bothered to create a CG of Surtr dying? Just a bunch of red flashes? Really? At least Conquest, despite the s*** writing, was actually pleasurable to watch. Just so disappointed. I hope Book III is actually engaging, they may as well not even bother with dialogue at this point with how lazy everything is.
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User Info: NovaWill

5 months ago#2
Laegjarn's overrated, lmao. Her dying was fine, just poorly executed.

Conquest and Revelations are still written much worse than Heroes.

User Info: Fornaeus

5 months ago#3
I really don’t get Laevatinn’s popularity, she was dumb until the end.
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User Info: SirRobX

5 months ago#4
I think the plot of Book 2 is better than the plot of Conquest, the only ‘what?’ moment for me is Surtr surviving despite not fueling the flames back in an earlier chapter

Meanwhile the whole time I was playing Fates I was going ‘what??’
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User Info: SteelWingKnight

5 months ago#5
Heroes story is flat and dull, and whatever attempts they do make to spice it up just fall flat on their face (Gunnthra's death? It happened so quickly after we actually met her and there was no attachment to her, she got almost no screen time or development, so the death had absolutely no impact on my. Now, if Fjorm had died in her place, that would have been something, since Fjorm has been with us for a while at that point. It had so little impact on me that I couldn't remember her name when typing this, and even looking at the wiki it took me quite a while to figure out what her name was, that's how little a presence she had.)

Conquest had a ton of issues with it, Heroes I feel has less obvious flaws and it's problem is more that it is just plain boring. Neither is very good, but they're flawed in different ways.

Although come to think of it, both Fates and Heroes have the problem of character deaths that have little to no impact. Lilith jumping out of nowhere to protect Corrin from an attack that really didn't need to be stopped after being absent from the story for almost 20 chapters?

Only having actual story in 2 of 5 "story" chapters might be part of the problem.
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User Info: p3pdrake

5 months ago#6
lol right... everything about the last chapter felt so rushed. Literally all these deaths had no impact.
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User Info: Lord Sojiro

Lord Sojiro
5 months ago#7
Nah, Fates is trash.

User Info: Cobalnite

5 months ago#8
Eh, I'm just glad we got past the whole "You defeated me? Nope, I have invincibility+2" shtick he had
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User Info: BoxxY2JosHBK

5 months ago#10
Putting aside the fact that fates had a fantastic story, this is a cell phone game dude
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