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  3. obligatory new banner free summon post

User Info: DreadKaiser

5 months ago#1


The Omnipresent Connoisseur of Quality Fanart and $%!@Posting.
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User Info: Dragonknight85

5 months ago#2
3* Sully.

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User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

5 months ago#3
4 star Henry, the end. My orbs wait for the next banner in a week.
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User Info: Batbat

5 months ago#4
Free Flora.

+Def -Res...oddly enough I consider this as better than neutral.


User Info: KamiUsagi

5 months ago#5
3* Jagen.
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User Info: fatboyjam

5 months ago#6
Reposition fodder

User Info: Concession

5 months ago#7
Free Flora

Wow, im actually getting free 5*s now after a really long draught.

Edit: neutral. I'll max her HM and then not sure... might give res atk solo to Micaiah.
Laugh and grow fat

User Info: RavingSwoobat

5 months ago#8
Free pull 5* Zelgius :D
Decided to do the blue, too, and...


Best luck ever!

User Info: suneit

5 months ago#9
3* reinhardt. But 50 orbs later, got Ophelia. Piss off Silas. Yes. Done pulling Blue. She is -def/+res I think.

User Info: CrescentShadow

5 months ago#10
4* Hinata

the other orbs in first circle I cared to get were

4* Marth and Lissa

2nd circle I just decided to take all 5; 3 red and 2 blue
got Ophelia
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