Raighmas ends, did you get a free 5*

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User Info: KishinZephrite

4 weeks ago#91
Sure did. I got a 2nd Mist as a free pull. The rare case I'd prefer a 4* colorless over the queen of colorless hell. There goes my luck for the next legendary banner...
Sanctuary Resort City on ps4

User Info: oh_figs

4 weeks ago#92
Nope. But the irony is I got a free 5* on the Draconic Aura banner instead. I guess I could pretend I did though :P

User Info: makenasjames

4 weeks ago#93

User Info: Turbo_TRex

4 weeks ago#94
Luke, Nino, Ephraim, Jaffar, Delthea, Karla.
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User Info: Fullmetal23

4 weeks ago#95
Odin, Minerva and Amelia.

User Info: WenDelie

4 weeks ago#96
Yes, one -Atk Leo... which is somewhat like Raigh on a horse

My Wife got luckier with B!Ike and Sonya on free pulls and Caeda on the first ring of her banner...

User Info: Lord Sojiro

Lord Sojiro
4 weeks ago#97
Sanaki and Soleil.

User Info: Fatalis_Mien

4 weeks ago#98
Peri (who is now feathers), Luke (who is also feathers), a +Atk -Spd Deirdre, and a -Atk +Spd Mia.
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Member of: The Paliclan/Nyanclan
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