Most wanted unit you DON'T have...

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For me it's probably PA Olivia, but I don't care thaaat much, and probably won't be pulling for her on her rerun, at least not right away.

Or possibly one of the newer Hectors. I did want LA, but Lilina popped up a second time instead...which, eh, was alright too.

Filler space

User Info: CJwat11

4 days ago#2
Halloween Jakob.

I need some form of Ranged Damage for my Armor Emblem team. Plus he has extremely good defenses.
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User Info: LorenzoV

4 days ago#3
Bride Ninian, Leg Lyn, VaLyn, DancElincia and creepy Micaiah. EDIT: Also that Grima girl. Searching her since her first banner.
As you can see, 3 are dancers. But I like them as characters, so who cares?
Dana is best girl ~
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 days ago#4
...I'm fairly thankful I can't think of someone!

I got all that I really wanted already.
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User Info: tankerminion1

4 days ago#5
"Who is she?
"That is not your concern."

User Info: Azrael1297

4 days ago#6
Risen King Chrom

But if you're talking about characters who are in, then Female Morgan

User Info: Towelie1727

4 days ago#7
Lyn and Ephraim. but i must get them on August 15.
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F!Grima? But I don't REALLY want her because her face is so derpy.
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User Info: Haken

4 days ago#9
FEH ID:9513486055.3ds FC:0576-6156-5670
I like Kris as a unit
Regular pool - Alm, Tana, Elise, and Amelia

Seasonals - V!Lyn, Kagerabbit, Tak-Tak and SY!Tiki
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