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User Info: re_ru

7 months ago#1
Yay, more dancers! Even though I don't need more dancers.....what'd everyone get?
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User Info: blasster

7 months ago#2
12 orbs - Mah XANDER EMBLEM complete!

1x Yukata Xander.
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User Info: Pickley-

7 months ago#3
Free summon Xander +def/-res

thank you rngesus!

User Info: RavingSwoobat

7 months ago#4
Caeda free pull. Got nothing that round.

Ryoma came on the second round!

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

7 months ago#5
3* Seth. About what I expected. At least I did need some swap fodder.
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User Info: AvantgardeAClue

7 months ago#6
No reds. 3* Soren.

*sharp inhale*
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User Info: Tyrueski

7 months ago#7
And... 3* star Nino.
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User Info: Cipherslade

7 months ago#8
Got Elincia on the free pull. Tried the red orb next to her... got Micaiah.

Technically got three in a row thanks to the Bow Hinoka I just got on the Death Blow banner. So I guess I'm done. I'll check the IVs after it's sunk in.

User Info: Deej

7 months ago#9
At this point, no one can convince me that the colorless pool isn't complete trash. 3* Lachesis and 4* Serra. Not even worth the seconds it took to load the images.
Hey, everyone, what's going on in this topic? Oh.

User Info: suneit

7 months ago#10
I lost to desire sensor and do full pull for any of dancer... micaiah and Elincia are the goal.

Dont care of IV or bother to check yet. Happy camper. +5 Lector can wait. Rip all my 110 F2P orbs.
Sorry for big image.

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