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  3. Some dude made an entire website about FEH AI mechanics

User Info: Link_king_ownz

8 months ago#1

Seriously this is one of the most impressive collection of works that I've ever seen done. Check this dude out and give him some love, I'm totally blown away by how informative this is!
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User Info: LorenzoV

8 months ago#2
I think he is a youtuber and does solos with Mia thanks to the AI manipulation.

User Info: SirRobX

8 months ago#3
Bookmarking this, I hate guessing what the AI will do
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User Info: AsterixKing

8 months ago#4
The chase behavior is a most welcome piece of knowledge.
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User Info: Legends Kuja

Legends Kuja
8 months ago#5
Another useful thing to tag today!
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User Info: Da-Hug-Thug

8 months ago#6
Huh, that’s pretty cool.
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User Info: Winsage

8 months ago#7
Looks better than the crap on the wiki. I'm maybe half way through and found a couple things that make sense that I didn't know before.
NNid: Windsage

User Info: Winsage

8 months ago#8
After a brief look through it I saw a few problems.

In the scenario where multiple units can attack the writer includes debuffs in the calculation and has an example where Nephenee and Micaiah can attack, but Nephenee can't actually attack so the example doesn't actually make sense.

There's also a section on bodyblocking where the author claims that it's taken into account, but from what I can tell the unit in the example is simply moving towards the only enemy as one would expect them to do.

The section on damage ratio is also curious because of its overall impact on other priorities. I haven't taken a closer look yet, but I wonder if the author has taken that into account in their rally priority and sections.
NNid: Windsage

User Info: iGouger

8 months ago#9
It's definitely useful and I give the guy props for taking the time to do that. That's dedication and hard work right there.

I'm not really sure how useful it'll be, since the only time I've had trouble with AI manipulation is with horse + dancer teams (everyone else is extremely predictable), but it's a good reference nonetheless.

User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
8 months ago#10
def tag
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