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User Info: Technickal1

9 months ago#61
I love all of them except the Grimas. But I'll go with F!Kana since she's not getting much love here.
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User Info: I_Abibde

9 months ago#62
Ninian, followed shortly by Fae(zilla).
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User Info: NeoRyujinZ

9 months ago#63
F!Corrin. Satomi Sato Dragon is the best dragon.
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User Info: Wanderer2691

9 months ago#64
Corrin's my favorite Lord in the entire franchise, and while I'm not as crazy about F!Corrin (I still love her though), M!Corrin is such a lovable and charismatic dork that it hardly matters to me. That, and he served as the basis of Jude, so who am I to judge? XD

So yeah, him. Honorable mentions go to Kana, who is the Cinnamon Roll to End All Cinnamon Rolls.
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