Do you have a team of 4 5*+10s for AA yet?

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  3. Do you have a team of 4 5*+10s for AA yet?

User Info: LegendofLegaia

4 days ago#1
Let's see how many FAQers have one

Let's see where GameFAQs is at with their core.
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User Info: Whistle

4 days ago#2
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

4 days ago#3
I have two +10s, a +6, and a +5. So I still need 9 merges.

User Info: Toney

4 days ago#4
Missing 2 merges on Zelgius. Have Effie, Sheena and L! Hector at +10.
For what is worth, Zelgius has been built over time. L! Hector is the only one I actually whaled for.

User Info: Meganium7

4 days ago#5
2+10 and michalis is forever trapped at +5

have lephraim and bk +1 for my last slot depending on fire season or not

want to make another +10 but have over 500k feathers and not enough unit copies to do anything with

User Info: GG_Sunny

4 days ago#6
Yes but they're not top scorers. It's Lilina, Rebecca, Cherche, and Nowi. So three units I like...and Nowi, who I only use cause I didn't want to use an armor and I needed someone to bring back up the score after Rebecca and Lilina dumpstered it. With them I can comfortably stay in top 3k. I don't think it's worth the months of feathers and SI it would take to make four +10 armors I don't like just for the sake of staying in top 1k.
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User Info: AsterixKing

4 days ago#7
Nah, I don't particularly care to. I care just enough to try and maintain tier 19.5

Once I cap on feathers though... might as well spend them on something.
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User Info: Alpharos3236

4 days ago#8
I just recently got to one 5*+10 having played since the beginning, so my prospects are grim
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User Info: Deej

4 days ago#9
I'm missing the green 5*+10 I'd like for balance purposes. I have options available, but I don't particularly care for any of them. So nope.
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User Info: vermillion719

4 days ago#10
You wouldn't want four 5*+10s anyway. I mean, you would, but you probably wouldn't always have it. Bonus units affect AA score too, don't they?

Anyway, no either way. My Nowi's +3 and my Fae's +2, but Tiki is probably gonna be +0 forever. I actually could give Nowi and Fae more merges, but I'd like to keep my core at roughly the same merge level from here on, so further merges are a no-go for now. Besides, I need to save those feathers for the odd Peri here and there. +10ing her is a much higher priority.
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  3. Do you have a team of 4 5*+10s for AA yet?

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