1 Pick Favorite: Cavalry

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User Info: shawn10000000

3 months ago#61

User Info: HackedDragonite

3 months ago#62
More like Sigod.

User Info: shawnwalker

3 months ago#63
Suns out, guns out!!! Idk why I got arrested...
My Castle address: 07387 85168 65740 24430

User Info: ExBioHazard

3 months ago#64
Hands down the only reason I cleared the cavalry ghb challenges, and played a part in many of the blessings ones for the other set of ghbs.
He requires little to no investment and with his base kit he tanks like a unit with 2x the res he has.
Sure you aren’t going to be ORKOing much, but you don’t really need him to on a proper team.
3DS FC: 4425 1710 0874
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User Info: I_Abibde

3 months ago#65
Frederick (and his mighty Hammer).
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
Laughing at Game FAQs since 2002.

User Info: SonofFomortiis

3 months ago#66
Sully. Gotta pick the waifu.
Son of the Demon King, and Roshea is bae.
Green 5*s pulled while looking for Gunter merges without getting any Gunters: 0 (COUNTER RESET) Record: 6

User Info: Technickal1

3 months ago#67
Horse Chrom.
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  3. 1 Pick Favorite: Cavalry

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