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  3. Do you think normal Hector is underwhelming nowadays?

User Info: Justagenius

7 months ago#1
His alts does his job better and his Armads can be replaced by Vengeful Fighter skill.

Mine is -Atk, +Res and now I use +Def, -Res Grima as green Armor 100% times.

He carried my through story on early days is the reason he haven't been foddered off yet. ( I love my Hector)
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User Info: Meganium7

7 months ago#2
compared to the other hectors/overpowered green armors maybe but he's still really good

User Info: BadDecisions

7 months ago#3
He's certainly the worst Hector by a great margin,
but he's still a really good unit.
His main problem is that there's a new amazing Green Armor like every other day.

User Info: LorenzoV

7 months ago#4
He can't even keep up with Amelia, that is 1 year old.

User Info: digitalstarry

7 months ago#5
He’s great, just has a lot more competition. And keep in mind he will get Thunder Armads in the future and will be the only Hector who can run all three versions of Armads
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User Info: Maximum Taco

Maximum Taco
7 months ago#6
That's what happens when all your alts are the same type as you.

Other units that got powercreeped by their alts at least could carve out a niche as a different movement or weapon type. Hector doesn't get that. Vector and Lector (and possibly Brector) are just straight up better versions of him.

Original Ike has the same problem, but not quite as bad cause atleast Brave Ike is an axe.
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User Info: Poison-puffs

7 months ago#7
Underwhelming yes. Bad no he’s still a force to recon with
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User Info: albertojz356

7 months ago#8
Here we go, off the rails.

User Info: CAB1997

7 months ago#9
Lector existing doesn't somehow make Hector worse.

User Info: LorenzoV

7 months ago#10
CAB1997 posted...
Lector existing doesn't somehow make Hector worse.

1 year and half and the meta that changes in addition to BST creep definitely made him worse. Him being a launch unit doesn't help either.
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  3. Do you think normal Hector is underwhelming nowadays?
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