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User Info: dli17

8 months ago#1
Rate This Unit: Soren - Results (115 votes)
3.48% (4 votes)
13.04% (15 votes)
53.04% (61 votes)
21.74% (25 votes)
3.48% (4 votes)
5.22% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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Leo is voted into B Tier with 45 out of 87 votes with a runner-up of A Tier with 24 votes. His unimpressive stats are a deterrent for many, and it also seems like his refinement isn't believed to be very useful. Supporters in A Tier say that he's underrated, and his refinement is useful for making him a tanky red in the vein of Sophia.

On a horse team, I think he was rated A+ Tier but there were only like, four comments on that.

Last of this group is Soren, who received a new tome altogether. And unfortunately, I will have no/very limited Internet for a week beginning Monday so we'll be taking a hiatus for a week. We can start another round of revotes if you guys want tomorrow - let me know if you do and I'll get that topic up tomorrow night. We're approximately halfway at this point.

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Soren, Shrewd Strategist
Classification: Green Tome Infantry
Availability: 3* or 4* Summon
HP: 33/36/40
ATK: 30/33/36
SPD: 30/33/36
DEF: 13/17/20
RES: 25/29/32
Neutral BST: 148

Weapon: Wind's Brand, 14MT - At start of turn, inflicts ATK-7 on foe on the enemy team with the highest Atk through its next action.
Additional Refined Effect: During combat, boosts unit's ATK/SPD/DEF/RES by number of adjacent allies × 2.
Assist: None
Special: Growing Wind, 4 Charge - Before combat this unit initiates, foes in a wide area near target take damage equal to (unit's ATK minus foe's RES). [Square AoE].

A: None
B: Watersweep 3 - If unit initiates combat, unit cannot make a follow-up attack. If unit's SPD is greater than or equal to foe's SPD and foe uses magic, staff, or dragonstone, foe cannot counterattack.
C: Fortify Res 3 - At start of turn, grants RES+4 to adjacent allies for 1 turn.
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User Info: dli17

8 months ago#2
For a detailed set of rules, including proper Tier Definitions, see here:

This is an Arena Tier List.

Shorthand Rules:
No Summoner Support, Ally Support, Blessings, or merges.
Yes to boons/banes and Sacred Seals.
Include a separate rating for team buffs.

S+ Tier: f***ing amazing
S Tier: Holy crap nice stats
A+ Tier: Yeah you're doing good work
A Tier: I guess you're OK
B Tier: Ugh stop dying so much
C Tier: Why are you even in the game

Current GameFAQs Community Tier List:
Fallen Celica: A+
Grima (Male): S+
Fallen Takumi: A
Eirika: A+
Leo: B

Horse Buffs
Siegbert: S+
Gunnthra: S
Eldigan: S
Cecilia: S
L'Arachel: S
Anamnesis Eirika: S
Valentine Roy: S
Valentine Lilina: S
Frederick: A+
Titania: A+
Eliwood: A+
Priscilla: A+
Ursula: A+
Leo: A+
Stahl: A

Flying Buffs
Azura (New Year): S+
Myrrh: S+
Minerva: S
Michalis: S
Camilla (New Year): S
Hinoka: S
Caeda: S
Shanna: A+
Clair: A
Florina: B

Armor Buffs
Zelgius: S+
Winter Tharja: S+
Winter Chrom: S+
Winter Lissa: S+
Winter Robin: S+
Halloween Henry: S+
Valentine Lyn: S+
Valentine Hector: S+
Hardin: S+
Grima (Male): S+
Sheena: S
Zephiel: S
Valentine Eliwood: S

Dragon Buffs
Myrrh: S+
Nowi: S+
Fae: S+
Grima (Male): S+
Young Tiki: S
Ninian: S
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User Info: DreadKaiser

8 months ago#3
Went from Crappy Not!Nino to a decent mage, if nothing terribly spectacular
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User Info: TraineeShanna

8 months ago#4
A+, chill attack tome is nice, owl effect can often be quite handy too. Otherwise his stat spread is good for sure.

User Info: SugarFlakes

8 months ago#5
I'm going to say A+ from my experience. I've been using a +Atk/-Hp Soren for awhile with Desperation, Spd Ploy and res Ploy. Coupled with his Wind Brand properties and Drives, I have Soren nuking a lot of units. Some reds too. The problem is, he relies heavily on support and positioning and sometimes there'll be time when the conditions aren't met. With 32 Res, mine Ploys a lot but it doesn't Ploy everything. I think to be an S ranked I'm assuming one shouldn't have to rely on support such as Drives as much so I'm going with A+.
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User Info: ShinigamiMiroku

8 months ago#6
My complaints regarding his personality aside, I'd say A/A+. Good new PRF, but still not as good as Nino, Sonya, or S!Sharena.
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User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

8 months ago#7
His refinement made him have a niche that's useful. It makes him have a different role than Nino now. Still, it doesn't bring him up to her level, so he's an A+. Still good, just not as good.
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User Info: Kaeporo

8 months ago#8
Wind's Brand is pretty useful. The owl refine (on top of Wind's Brand) is bad. His stats are mediocre and he has a hard time finding a role on a team. He can tank magic but he struggles against dragons...he's nothing special in that regard. The effects of his tome are also betrayed by his terrible defense. Offensively, he needs a lot of things to line up (debuff target + team support) in order to shine. Sadly, a whole lot of other units get better mileage out of that kind of support (e.g. Olwen/Nino/Florino).
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User Info: futuresight23

8 months ago#9
Probably A+. Though the Divine dew upgrade to his weapon is not exciting, his base Wind Brand is rather good. The Chill Attack debuff on his weapon can help anyone of his teammates or himself survive better against high attack foes. I suppose I would pair that effect with a Chill Speed skill to further debuff the enemy's offensive capability.

If his offensive stats were a hair better, I would go with S.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

8 months ago#10

Free chill skill built into a tome is pretty great. The fact that it turns into a legendary Owl tome on top of that is pretty great. One of the best personal tomes in the game with that combination.

His stats are pretty decent, his 36/33/33/17/29 is better than Sonya's 36/33/31/15/32 for example. Not matching Nino's 33/33/36/19/26 but few can.

Overall he's better than say, Sonya (who continues to be overrated) and a lot of the other mages, but he's towards the bottom of the "A+ green infantry mage" bottle neck. Which really should be every good green mage other than Nino but I digress...
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