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8 months ago#31
Fjorm, Minerva, Freebi Ike and Freebi Lucina


8 months ago#32
1 guy I know's running Julius, Julia, Arvis and Deidre. Can you do a canon story on that that makes sense?

User Info: MedicalGamer

8 months ago#33
jeffheng posted...
nino, soliel, wrys and fjrom for the two bonus battle.

nino, x!chrom, x!robin and arvis for auto battle.

I will do the latter since it seems more fun.

Arvis got drunk and decided Judgral will e fine even if Sigurd were to terrorized the land (spoiler: Sigurd became an awesome ruler). Using the power of his ancestors he heard the pleas of a little girl asking for help bring her family together once more, so in prepartions he calls upon the greatest heroes ever...Santa Claus. However he winded up calling the Ghosts of Christmas Future and Past. He would have gotten the Ghost of Christmas Present, but he's too busy picking up the pebbles. With that Arvis introduced himself to Nino and swears as a Descendant of Fala he will do whatever it takes to stop the fighting...and maybe he can find some way to rule Elibe.

UnownGamer posted...
Henry X Azura, H!Henry & C!Robin

Azura is having too much fun with her drinking game with the two Henrys and their long lost triplet Robin. Henry is having trouble holding his alcohol so Henry got Henry to throw up in a bucket to preserv his dignity. Robin lost the bet with his sister-in-law so he is forced to wear this Santa suit in the middle of July and boy he hates it. Azura decides if both of her families won't invite her to the beach she will drink to her heart's content and as it turns out she has the strength of a berserker when drunk. That was when the triplets learned...they are boned.

TheGuyNamedWolf posted...
Until I get 5 star Canas (so in like an hour lol), it's Karla, Linus, Nowi, and Fae.

Linus dropped his Manakete Babysitting job when he heard Lloyd is in trouble. However his co=worker, Karla, won't leave him alone as she has her hands full with the energetic Nowi and Fae. As much to his chagrin, he decides to bring those little dragon children with him as when he comes to the HQ of the Black Fangs, he realized he was too late as Sonia now has full control over it as she has control of 3 of the 4 Fangs, and his adopted sister Nino and the Hurricane. Before they continue their assault, Linus sent a distress signal to Canas saying his Niece is in trouble. With no time to spare he will have to fight and claw his way and face his family.
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User Info: MedicalGamer

8 months ago#34
tentarafoo posted...
B!Charlotte, Linus, Canas, Genny

*continuing on from the previous post*

Canas came as soon as he could. It was just that he needed to gather additional allies, so he transformed a fluffy sheep into a fluffy human by the name of Genny. He also had to promise the village's strong woman, Charlotte, that Linus will take her as a betrothed if she helps him much to Linus' s agony cause he knows she just wants money, even if tis for a good cause. That said Linus did need all the help he can get, so hopefully he won't regret this decision.
UMVC3: Wright/Dante/Ammy FEH Team Eirika/Nino/Nowi/Cordelia
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User Info: Gladiant

8 months ago#35
This one would be easy: M!Grima, F!Grima, F!Morgan, M!Kanna
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User Info: MedicalGamer

8 months ago#36
Tyrueski posted...
Alright. For now... Deirdre, Elincia, (Brave) Lucina, and 4* Linus tagging along for a bonus.

Still it wasn't enough...never enough. Linus knows as powerful as some of his allies are, he is lookign at not fighting the full force fo the Black Fangs, but a bunch of other Morphs supplied by Sonia's Superior. With that he got Canas to summon more powerful figures but he couldn't do that. He then decides to cash in the favor from Exalt Lucina and Queen Elincia from the distant continents since by all accounts he will need all the power he can possibly get. Thankfully he has anotehr strong mage, the amnesiac Deirdre, on his side so she teleported the two royal figures...while they were in the middle of Royal Poker where the stakes are their clothing. Needless to say Linus will never forget the image as long as he draws breath.

RMysterio posted...
Legault, Hector, Valentine Eliwood, Bride Lyn

Legault literally had to crashed the wedding between Eliwood and Lyn with Hector being the priest. Don't ask how that happened either. Legault was in dire need of their strength since the Black Fang has been resurrected again by some unknown forces, and it is his job to clean up this mess, even if it means fighting his former allies again. Eliwood sympathesizes his predictament and will lend his lance because he left Durandal back home. Lyn also left Mugalir and Sol Katti back at Sacae. Thankfully Hector has always got Armads ready. With no time to lose the four jump head first into combat.

Legault needs to kill the source and knows what is at stake.
UMVC3: Wright/Dante/Ammy FEH Team Eirika/Nino/Nowi/Cordelia
The Official Lawn Chair Seller for those who want to watch the drama

User Info: CyberDragon10K

8 months ago#37
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User Info: Crispy_Chikin

8 months ago#38
Alrighty. This'll be a tough one!

Karel, Dorcas, Fjorm, Olivia

User Info: ViewtifulGene

8 months ago#39
Pick whichever seems more interesting to you.

My manual team is OG Nino, Lene, Airzura, and OG Ninian.

My autobattle team is Linus, Canas, Lene, and Sakura.

Please tag me when done so that I can see it.
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